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What do you like least about being a respiratory therapist?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Respiratory Therapists interview

How to Answer

If you have read through any posts on job search sites from experienced respiratory therapist, you will see some of the drawbacks. The pay can be low and the opportunities for advancement may be limited. You may have already experienced some other drawbacks already, but clearly you are still interested in the career. If you are searching for interview questions you must like something about the job! If an interviewer asks you this question, focus on the challenges like dealing with difficult patients or balancing a heavy workload in a fast-paced environment. Then share how you deal with it. An interview is not the place to complain! You want to show off your strengths and how you overcome challenges! Speak with confidence and draw from your experience.

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What do you like least about being a respiratory therapist?
None. Been a respiratory therapy you can able to save lifes.
As a respiratory therapist you have to be able to work night shifts and there may be long exhausting days in the OR.
Not being able to treat non compliant patients.
My least favorite aspect of respiratory therapy is when I loose a patient, seeing the upset families bothers me, however I deal with it and move on to my next patient.
Seening a patient who is having a hard time breathing.
I do not like working with people who do not put their patients needs before their own.
I feel like sometimes, the lack of communication with the other departments is frustrating. Maybe they feel like respiratory isn't as important as their job.
The hours are long but worth the reward of helping patients.
I think with any career there will be people who are not. Team players. It's difficult dealing with a personality type like this. Our patients need the best care we can give them, in which we do through team playing efforts.
Not too many advancedment.
The role at different hospitals we are used less some times where we can help in certain area.
I can't think of anything.
I guess just the general lack of knowledge that people and other health care providers have about our practice and the relevance of what we do.
When a pt dies. I also dislike paperwork & charting.
I think that thing I like least about the Respiratory Therapist's role is having to extubate a patient to pallative care. Having that responsibility comes along with the job, and I am able to do it with sympathy and understanding towards the family, but I would be lying if I didn't say it was hard.
Pulmonary Function Tests. But if I had to do them, I would. I just would not want to do them all day every day.
When people cough in my face.
Listening to veteran therapist say, " you'll become immune to death and less compassionate each patient you see relapse."
I think it would be better if we had more freedom in our scope of practice. For example changing settings on a ventilator based on the abg results and not depending on the physician for every thing.
The lack of other heath care professionals and people in general to know our worth and the relevance of our job.
Sometimes not taking more control of the airway.
Not being able to address every problem the patient has.
Lack of advancement and under appreciated.
The long shifts and sometimes without a break.
For the moment, am not inform enough to choose but if I had to choose now, I would study more the trouble breathing of newborn because baby's illness intrigues me.
Not being able to help every patient recover fully.
I think it's safe to say that terminal extubations & losing patients that you've gotten to know is definitely the hardest part about this career.
I like providing care to patients and helping them to become better.
That some patients cannot be saved.
The idea of being too specilised has crossed my mind, but with copd linking to right sided heart failure and so many patients have comoribidites that you need to consider it is something that will prevent this.
I haven't come across much that I don't like however I would like to have more time with my patients to make sure they fully understand their treatment plan.
That the need for respiratory therapist is down played.
Focus on respiratory care only.
That sometimes we are not abke to perform our knowledge as we want. Always follow doctors orders..

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