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Walk me through how you interview a patient.
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Introduce myself while washing my hands, check their name & dob, ask them what happened why they are here. While they explain I will watch how they physically look & then I will check vitals.
How was your day , how do you feel what kind the job you used to do ,
Introduce yourself. State patient name. Ask chief complaints. Ask symptoms open ended questions repeat evrything.
First you look at their chart before you enter the room. You introduce yourself with name, occupation, and duty, check the wrist band. Ask questions about family and social history. Occupational history. I would then ask about allergies and prior hospitalizations. Ask if they are feeling any pain. The position of which they are feeling short of breath. Ask about their smoking habits. Ask if they have travelled anywhere.
Tell me about how it all started.
I would introduce my self and the reason for my reason for my visit and ask my questions.
I want to know general information about the patient, history of present illness, past medical history, occupational history, if they are a smoker, drinker, drug user. I would like to know the patient's family history.
Ask name, how age, family history, how do they feel.
Goals... What do you expect from the caregives.
I introduce myself, tell them what I do, and ask them their name to make sure I have the right patient. I explain to them why I am there and what I will be performing if there is a procedure to be done. I let them ask me questions if any and provide them with the best answer I can of my knowledge. After everything is finished, I would ask if they needed anything before leaving the room and say I will come check on them a little later.