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Tell me about your education.
You have worked hard to get to this point, so talk about all the energy you put into your training! Explain your education by talking about the classroom and hands on experience that shows how you meet the qualifications. In order to meet the basic standards, you'll need your associates degree or a bachelors, and you'll need clinical experience. Talk about what you learned specifically in your training that will prove you have what it takes. You can share an example of some of the work you learned to do during training and talk about your technical skills.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your education.
I finished my associate degree from concorde college in 2004
Associate degree in Respiratory therapy.
Tell me about your education.
I have Associated in since Rt digree.
I am a graduate of an AMA Respiratory Therapy Program at Saint Paul College. During my school year, I was given the education needed to be the best respiratory therapist. I had several clinical experiences at many different hospital which also prepare me for the position.
I graduated with a bachelor's in respiratory therapy from the IU school medicine indianapolis.
We first I attended southwest and got a certificates, tehn went straight to work, and decidecd to further my education and that is when I decided to do to school for respiratory.
After May 10th I will have an associates degree.
What do you like about being a respiratory therapist?
I have a associate in respiratory.
I recived my associates from San Joaquin Valley College, and want to continue my education and achieve a Bachelor in Science.
I graduated spring of 2013 from kckcc and is in the process of attending ku.
I graduated from San Jose state University with a degree in Health Science. I was not sold on any career paths with that so I decided to get into a career in health. I was looking into different careers then I found respiratory. I then found a school that was accredited in Carrington college California. It was a great experience that helped me to pass my board tests right after graduating.
I am currently in the Respiratory Therapy Program, going into my second year. I have an associates degree in arts and science.
I graduated from high school and career center that focused on allied health. I graduated with an associates in applied science in respiratory care from ferris state university in december and am currently working on my bachelors.
I attend Lonestar Kingwood College for 2 years in the Respiratory Therapist Program. I received a Associate of Science in Respiratory Care.
As of right now, I do not have much education experience other than high school. High school was not the challenge I needed in order to stay focused. I strayed away from high school for a year and worked a full time job instead. However, I knew I needed a diploma to get anywhere in life and found the motivation to achieve it. If I would have had this motivation throughout my entire high school career, I would have easily been an honor student every year, every class, and received many scholarships.
I went to kindergarten through 3rd grade in Philomath, OR, then I went 3rd through highschool in Corvallis, I got my GED and then went back to college at LBCC in Albany when my daughter was born, she is now 6 and a half....I went to LBCC for 2 and a half years, was an English literature major and history minor, (I wanted to teach English lit and history to community college students but then realized that I would have to have a masters degree and would probably end up being part time faculty with out benefits for 25,000 a year and owe 70k in student loans so I then decided to go into respiratory care because my son is asthmatic so I researched the program and took all of my required pre-reqs and applied for the program and got in.
I went to kindergarten through high school in corvallis, I did not graduate, I went back to school when my daughter was born in 2008 and got my GED and attended LBCC, I was going for my associates of art transfer degree, I was an English literature major with a history minor, I wanted to teach English lit and history to community college students, but realized that I would have to get a masters degree and would end up owing 70k in student loans and sadly would probably end up being part time faculty with out benefits, so I researched the respiratory care program since I have an asthmatic son and I have experience as a care giver in the medical field, and I took all of my pre-reqs at LBCC before applying to the program at Lane, and I just graduated with my associates of applied science in respiratory care from Lane.
I have an associate of applied science degree in advance respiratory care practitioner from XYZ college.
I have earned an AAS in Respiratory care.
I will graduate from Darton State college on December 11th with an Associates of Respiratory Care.
It was an accelerated program, where there was 3 years shoved into 2 years. There were 2 tests each week and hands on lab examples where we learned our patient assessments, treatments, care, mechanical ventilators and certifications on BLS, PALS, NRP, ACLS. There were several clinical rotations in different hospitals and long term health care facilities where we faced real life experiences and were able to grow our strengths to take care of patients. We were taught many many diseases for babies and adults. So, so much we were taught, challenged, and put to the test to make us that much of a great respiratory therapist.
I have a B.S. In business and I am a RRT graduate of the Erie Community College.
I received my Assoc of Science in Resp Therapy from Carrington College and I am a licensed RRT. I am furthering my education online with SNHU for a bachelor degree in Health Science.
Concorde and graduated at the top of my class and was a lamp lighter.
Concorde Lamplighters Graduation top of class.
I have a degree I. Respiratory as well as additional college.
I was a nursing student before I decided to switch to RT. I enjoy school and I consider myself a life-time student. I have always excelled at school. I currently have a 3.75 GPA.
Graduated from Lima Senior with a high school diploma, May 7 I will have my associates of science in Respiratory Therapy.
I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science degree at the university of New Brunswick Saint John. As well as part of my degree I am enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy diploma program at NBCC-SJ.
I've had a year of pre-requisites and one year of Respiratory courses. Cardiopulmonary, a Pharmacology, mechanical ventilation 1 & 2, home care and PFT. Plus 800 hours of clinicals.
I have an associates in art/science. I am currently in the respiratory care program and will graduate in May of 2016. I have received good grades in all my classes, and good evaluations in all of my clinical rotations. I am the vice president of the respiratory care club on campus and well as a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and AmeriCorps.
Did my high school abroad and when I came here I had to wait to start college so I started in 2005. Dropped out and went back 4 years later. Then Graduated in 2012 with an associates in science. Also have a phlebotomy and EKG certification.
Graduate with an associates, looking to get my bachelors and masters within the next 5 years.
I am currently enrolled in Rhodes State College. I just recieved the anibogu Godwin Rovner Scholarship from Rhodes state College. Also I am on the Respiratory Care Advisory Board where I attend meetings with the different doctors from the hospitals that Rhodes students do Clinicals at. Including Dr. Watson. During those meetings we tell them what we are learning and what we would change about the program.
My education was great, because my goal was to succeed.
I was in a joint respiratory therapy program between middlesex county college and umdnj. I have an associates in science. I am in the process of continuing my education and working towards my bachelor's degree.
BA in Recreation with emphasis in Therapeutic recreation. AS in Respiratory therapy.
I was taught by in option by the the best RT teacher in the area and taught me a lot and more.
I now have an associates in science degree, and all the necessary Bls, acls, and Etc. To be be able to be put right to work.
I did a 4 year science degree at the university of Winnipeg with a major in biopsychology. I did one year at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in a health care field in Calgary.
Degree qualifed, post graduation modules in acute health, a transition course from ward based nursing to hdu nursing, mentorship and 2 emergency car emodules at level 7. Plus I have completed study days on Aki, tissue viability, trauma, cardiac arrythimas, plastering to enable me to deliver the best care possible.
I went to cc graduated 2011. Started Lakewood in August as prn.