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How has your education prepared you for this career?
Share something you learned while completing your training that will benefit you and your clients as you work in this new role. Giving an example will help the interviewer to get a clearer picture of your qualifications. Talk about how working with a particular client taught you about a specific breathing problem and how to apply airway management techniques. Demonstrate how your experience has influenced your problem solving skills. You can share how the therapist you trained under taught you how to administer anesthesia during surgery or any other procedures you may be expected to know how to do on the job.

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User-Submitted Answers

How has your education prepared you for this career?
Graduation in a presitigeous school has provided me the skills and knowledge to become an efficient respiratory therapy.
I have over 1000 clinical hours in intermediate and critical care areas, I have experience with bronchopulmonary hygiene, aerosolized medication therapy, hyperinflation therapy, ABG sampling and analysis, NPPV, trach care, oxygen therapy, manual ventilation, HFNC, ventilator management and vent checks, I am trained in EPIC and Centricity charting systems, I have given and recieved report on patients.
My education allowed me to finish my boards quickly and I have had clinical time in large and small facilities which allows to be versatile and sometime creative with equipment.
Hands on clinical rotation experiences within the hospitals. The right education I received about respiratory therapy, understanding the basics of how the body works, diseases we will face to provide care, and the up most knowledge about treatments, cardio pulmonary testing, and equipment that is needed in the respiratory field.
To be able to treats and care for the sick.
I was given a great comprehensive education jD clinicals.
I graduated from an accredited respiratory therapy program which was a combined program between middlesex county college and umdnj. I received my associates in science and currently I am in the process of finishing up my degree and obtaining my bachelor's, and I think this will help me enormously as far as my career is concerned and I am looking forward to it.
It over prepared us, felt so confident when we graduated.
My science classes have really helped increase my knowledge and prepare me for this career.
Education is absolutely needed to do this career and we need to continue to learn and grow.