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Does providing emergency care to a patient suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock make you nervous?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Respiratory Therapists interview

Now that you understand the conditions you will be treating, does it make you uncomfortable to think about the causes? If you work in an intensive care unit, you may face patients who have been through some dire circumstances. A solid response to this question might sound something like, "Regardless of the situation my patient came from, I am focused on patient care. I am proud to be a part of the stabilizing process and hope to be able to assist in their recovery."
Basic answer example
"Regardless of the situation my patient came from, I am focused on patient care. I am proud to be a part of the stabilizing process and hope to be able to assist in their recovery."

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Does providing emergency care to a patient suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock make you nervous?
Nervous, no. I trained myself to stay calm and do whatever needs to be done for the patient.
During emergency care I will admit that I do get nervous, but not to the point that I cannot provide quality care.
Yes, of course, a little, it should, these are patients lives, but you stick to your ACLS training and work with your team to provide the best care to these patients as possible.
Well of course a little but it should, these are very critical patients, but you just stick to your ACLS training and know what you know.
No the opisite I just really want to help them.
No. I know that the patient is counting on the team to save their lives.
Honestly, yes the thought of this scenario makes me nervous, however, I tend to work best under pressure.
Not quietly but those patients make me more alert to assess their conditions so that I can take quick actions.
It did at first since I never experienced it before, but I work off of my nerves to push myself to think ahead.
No, not at all. I've been a paramedic for 10 years. That's my job.
I have not had a situation yet..?but having my training skills it should be a problem. I ll try to do what ever I can to help.,
No, on the contrary it makes me feel like an important piece of a puzzle. I want to help people, and providing emergency care makes me feel determined to save a life.
Ofcourse. Seeing any one in that kind of distress is at least a little nerve racking considering you are not just dealing with ones self but someones family member. I think the nervousness is a good motivator though. It helps you realize you are constantly dealing with life or death situations which need to be taken seriously.
Not at all. In moments like this, all I think about is how I could help the patient.
Yes, a little bit, because I'm still learning and haven't had much experience with emergency situations yet.
In a way on some level it makes me nervous, it makes my adrenalin kick in, however I feel that it is exciting to be hands on involved in situations like these. I would say I feel an adrenalin rush of excitement, more so then nervousness.
Being that I am fresh out of college, these situations do make me nervous. But I feel as though I have the ability to focus in on the task at hand and do the best that I can do to save this patient.
No, I've had the experience and was good with it all.
Always, but when you are in the moment, you act on instinct and do what you know how to do. The intensity of the situation will overcome the nervousness in a heartbeat.
Not at all. This is what Respiratory Therapist signs up for and this what we do and love to do. On the contrary it's best not to be nervous and remain calm and collective because nervousness can result to mistakes.
No. I like being in situations like that every once in a while. Though I have not seen a full code all the way through.
No, I know my job is to help facilitate care.
Yes, I think it is normal to be nervous.
No not at all. Initially when I first started working right after school I used to get nervous but now that I am more experienced, I just want to get in there and help the patient as much as I can.
It has in my schooling but I have learned the only way to get through the nerves is to jump in and participate by learning through hands on experience.
There is always a level of anxiety when faced with a difficult scenario but I have training and I am surrounded with professional resources in doctors and nurses.
No I feel I'm one of the few people in the world that focuses more and are able be resourceful in stressful situations.
I have practiced simulations for cpr. These simulations should, make it easier to treat people with these conditions. That being said I don't want to make a mistake under pressure.
No fairview is a busy ED. One of the busiest around.

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