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Tell me about your experiences working with attorneys?

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30 Realtor Interview Questions

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    Tell me about your experiences working with attorneys?

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    Tell me about your toughest transaction?

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    How long have you been following real estate?

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    What experience do you have with leases?

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    Tell me about your pre marketing strategy?

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    Have you dealt with a land contract property?

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    Which do you like better, being the buyers agent or the sellers agent?

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    What do you like about our real estate company? What drew you to us?

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    Tell me about a role you've played in a high price transaction?

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    What changes do you need to make for yourself to become a better real estate agent?

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    Where do you see yourself five years from now?

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    Have you been involved in a real estate transaction personally

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    Do you enjoy working with investors?

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    Tell me your favorite five improvements to a home a homeowner can make before they list the property to increase the chances of a sale?

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    Have you ever dealt with a short sale? Were you successful in the transaction?

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    Being a real estate agent is largely about building clientele, How do you believe you will succeed at that?

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    How would you rate your communication skills?

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    Have you ever tried online marketing to increase your brand awareness in the community?

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    How often do you attend community events to meet new people?

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    Do you see the market turning around quickly?

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    What would your best friend say, your top three qualities are of you?

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    How did you market yourself in your last position?

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    What is the most expensive home you've sold before?

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    Have you ever sold a property where you new the buyer was getting a poor deal? How did you carry through with the deal to close for your buyer?

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    Have you ever listed a property below market, just to get a quick sale? Did you or the buyer want this?

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    Tell me about the real estate in this surrounding area?

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    Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur?

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    What about real estate do you like most?

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    How has your college education prepared you for a career in real estate?

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    What type of homes, price range, etc, would you love to sell the most?