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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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Why is it important that the patient remain in the same position during each treatment?
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To ensure correct amount of dose is getting to the tumours and dose to normal tissue is minimised.
Because radiation therapy involves targeting specific cells and in order to maintain accuracy, the exact position needs to be reproduced in every therapy session.
It is important as radiotherapy is targeted and precise to particular target volume to the milimetere. And if patient moves then normal tissue may also be exposed and goes againt ALARP optimisation as set by the IRMERE
A patients plan has been produced with them in an exact position that they were in when they were CT scanned. If we do to reproduce this position i. E. Because the patient is moving, the accuracy is reduced and the chance of missing the target volume and irradiating healthy tissue is increased.
To ensure that the beams are targeting the tumour everday and not the healthy tissues.
To make sure we are treating the correct volume such as the ptv, we are not underdosing the ptv or overdosing surrounding critical organs. To achieve good local control and minimising side effects by irradiating less healthy tissue.
To ensure that the high doses of radiation are delivered within the clinical treatment field that the doctor has prescribed.
Because reproducibility is key to a successful treatment. The tumors are targeted with little margin to spare. Not been I the same position means not targeting the tumor which also means healthy tissues might be treated instead of the target which is the cancer cells.
It is crucial so that the treatment is targeted at the area it needs to be aimed at and so does to healthy tissue is reduced.
To get the same pattern of radiation along its path.
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