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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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Why did you choose a career in radiology?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I really care about helping patients and building trusting rapport with them. I have lost my best friend, surrogate mother and two family members to cancer. I could not be there for those people, but I can be there for my patients.
I have experienced first hand how difficult it can be and so I have real care for patients and there families.
I suppose the financial benefits are a minor incentive, the real aspect of the job or any is helping [atients and being genuine in doing so.
The financial benefits where a bonus. The main reason I am going for this job is for the people, there are many people with cancer who require treatment and being able to deliver the treatment and at least help one person is the reason I opted fro radiation therapy.
Definitely about caring for patients. I believe by working as a radiation therapist is rewardable. You make a difference in the lives of people and it is such a noble deed being able to give someone a chance to get their life back.
Patients. I enjoy making a difference in others lives I like to feel that I have made a difference.
I am very patient centred in my practice. I want to create an environment which they feel comfortable in and help them achieve their own goals when it comes to their treatment. I believe that each patient should be treated as an individual. I am proud to call myself a radiographer and helping people as I believe you should treat others like you wished to be treated.
No, I genuinely enjoy the job. I was attracted to the mix of maths, science and healthcare.I have stayed in the field since graduation 10 years ago and enjoy the unque challeneges of the department.
I care about my patients and their well being.
Obviously caring the patients only.
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