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Why did you choose a career in radiology?
Do you enjoy helping people? Are you interested in working in an environment where you are constantly learning? Think about your future career plans. Are you interested in continuing your education by learning about how to manage and operate different types of machines? Discuss how this new position fits into your career goals. Share why you're excited about working in the medical field and what you're looking forward to. Here is an example: "I am passionate about helping people. I've always been interested in how the human body works and how technology and medicine can heal it. Learning to administer radiation treatments and operate the machines to help treat health problems was so appealing to me, because I got to learn about how things work in both the physiological and technical side."
Answer examples
"I am passionate about helping people. I've always been interested in how the human body works and how technology and medicine can heal it. Learning to administer radiation treatments and operate the machines to help treat health problems was so appealing to me, because I got to learn about how things work in both the physiological and technical side."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why did you choose a career in radiology?
When I chose this career I had no idea what the salary was. I watched a relative receive their treatment and was determined that this was what I wanted to do.
I have an extreme desire to help and care for patients particularly cancer patients.
My reason for choosing this career is based on a personal experience. My grandmother was the motivation in me choosing radiation therapy as a career. She lost her battle with lung cancer. I only read about the monetary benefit after I was already convinced that this is the career for me. I have always enjoyed taking care of others and after much thinking I know that the healthcare filed is where I want to be.
I am seeking to help patients. It makes me feel good when I know I am doing something beneficial and making a difference. I would like to make their experience as positive as can be with an attitude of warmth and empathy.
I entered radiation therapy because I genuinely care about helping patients. I knew that I wanted a career in the medical field because it involved helping to relieve suffering in individuals. I have always been a compassionate person and wanted a career that involved caring for people.
Definitely about caring for patients. I believe by working as a radiation therapist is rewardable. You make a difference in the lives of people and it is such a noble deed being able to give someone a chance to get their life back.
Cancer has touched most families, including my own. Having a career which is rewarding has always been important to me.
I entered because I genuinely care. I have always been a caring and compassionate individual. I am the happiest when I can have a positive effect on another individual and make them smile.
I genuinely care and I am passionate about patients welfare and well being.
I genuinely care about helping patients. My grandma died of breast cancer and she was not able to be saved by the technology we benefit from today.
I genuinely have always wanted to help people. I lost my best friend at a very young age to cancer and from that point on I have known that I wanted to help other people suffering from that terrible disease.
I always have had a passion for helping people and had great interest in the medical field since of young age. It is rewarding to help a person through a tough time.
I entered Radiation Therapy as I have always had a strong interest in health and helping people. This form of medicine allows me to interact with patients on a daily basic and help them through their journey within the department.
No, I genuinely enjoy the job. I was attracted to the mix of maths, science and healthcare.I have stayed in the field since graduation 10 years ago and enjoy the unque challeneges of the department.
Patients. I enjoy making a difference in others lives I like to feel that I have made a difference.
I am very patient centred in my practice. I want to create an environment which they feel comfortable in and help them achieve their own goals when it comes to their treatment. I believe that each patient should be treated as an individual. I am proud to call myself a radiographer and helping people as I believe you should treat others like you wished to be treated.
I chose this career because I want to be able to help people, not just by doing my job but by providing them with a friendly face each day of treatment and letting them know that they have support and care each day, and they are not just a number in a line waiting to be treated.
I chose the field of radiation therapy because I found the science of cancer treatment fascinating, and the idea that I would be able to help patients and families through their journey to be extremely rewarding.
Financial gain is of no interest to me. I have a strong interest in science and technology and my drive is to help patients undergoing cancer.
My grandmother had cancer and I was drawn to radiation therapist because I had so much empathy for cancer patients.
I joined Radiation therapy not for an intrinsic reward, I genuinely do care about people and want to be able to help people daily.
I have always wanted to work in a hospital environment due to the close contact you have with patients and this was the main reason I chose this profession. Throughout my time on clinical placements this was consolidated. The technical side is interesting as well but the part I enjoy most is looking after patients and making sure their duration on treatment is the best it can be!
I am interested in both the technological and patient care sides of radiotherapy. Obviously both of which are important in radiotherapy.
There are other fields you can go for earning money when you enter healthcare you have the genuine care for the patients.
I genuinely care about the patients. Although the financial aspect is very necessary in terms of practicality, I have a passion for working with those in need and enjoy being a supportive, caring and empathetic presence in their lives.
I have genuine care for helping patients, I believer that their is no utmost gratification than helping out own kind, because this is what will help us develop and refine our characters through history, and I genuinely want to be apart of that chnage.
I chose RT as a career because it appeals to me on both a personal and professional level. Patient care aspect of the job is very important to me- I like working with and helping people. Scientific aspect of the job, technical skills and knowledge requirement also appeals to me. Challenges and learning involved.
I want to enter the radiation therapy field to extend life of others loved ones. Also give back to other people just like other health care providers helped my loved one. It just so happens that it is also financially beneficial.
Originally I entered for the financial benefits, but over the past few years and especially after receiving my CNA I have realized that it is not about the money what so ever but giving the patients the best quality of care I possible can.
Although healthcare positions do offer a financially stable lifestyle, if I wanted to be rich I would have chose a business profession. I entered into this career because I wanted to feel as though I was making a difference in the life of my patients. I am here to provide them with the best care I can because I want to help and believe that we can make a difference in their lives.
I genuinely care about helping patients. I believe that we have a chance to make a difference and it is a very rewarding career when you see a patient for several weeks and form a good rapport with them and they finish their treatment and are so thankful to you for helping change their life.
The financial benefits where a bonus. The main reason I am going for this job is for the people, there are many people with cancer who require treatment and being able to deliver the treatment and at least help one person is the reason I opted fro radiation therapy.
I did not enter Radiation Therapy for the financial benefits. I chose radiation therapy because my sophomore year in high school my 13 year old cousin had brain cancer. It was very life threatening, and we were unsure as to whether he would live or not. He loved his Radiation Therapists, so I did some research. I always knew I wanted to work with cancer patients because cancer affected my life so much since I was 5 years old. Once I read about radiation therapy, I fell in love. I watched my cousin recover from cancer and watched his dreams come true and continue to come true. Now I have the opprotunity to watch my dream come true, so I can help those in need watch their dreams come true.
I really want to care for patients, I genuinely want to help people.
Working for the NHS is not about financial gain. I chose this profession instead of physiotherapy because I find it hugely rewarding and plus the constantly evolving state of radiotherapy with the introduction of new technologies and techniques makes it even more interesting profession.
I have always wanted to go into a career which has positive impact on people so that was my main motivation however I am also interested in this career because of the chance to be at the cutting edge of scientific research, which really makes a difference.
No. I am genuinely a caring person and I like to look af5rr people.
I entered radiation therapy for a multitude of different reasons. I love people and wanted a career where I could support others. I also really enjoy math and physics and love the in depth education I received.
I genuinely care for the patients and my past experiences reinforce that.
I suppose the financial benefits are a minor incentive, the real aspect of the job or any is helping [atients and being genuine in doing so.
I genuinely care about the patients, being able to aid in giving them the accurate picture about their illness is very much rewarding for me.
Bit of both, I enjoy working with patients and helping them but I also like the idea of good career prospects.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
Really and truly if I wanted financial benefits there are many other professions which entail better benefits. I have embarked in this journey because I like to have rapport with people and help and support the ones who need.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
I genuinely are about helping patients and I feel this field allows you to help more patients who are in need of that help.
I like to helping other poeple.
What financial benefits?!
I have always enjoyed helping people. The majority of the jobs that I have had have been based around helping people. I love that I am able to get to know the patients and spend time with them every day. Each patient has a different situation and it is very fulfilling to be able to help them in any way that I can.
I do care about the patients.
Genuinely care about helping patients.
I was seeking both financial stability and a career that was rewarding in terms of making a real difference in healthcare. I feel that I qenuinely care about the patients, their car and their well-being.
I entered for radiation therapy because my grandmother had cancer, I love helping people and im a passionate a passionate learner, whatever cancer patients go through I want to let them know that I will be there for them when they need emotionally as well.
I started out my career in radiography. From that I was looking for a job with more meaning, I spent a little time observing in radiation therapy and after a day I knew it was the perfect choice for me. I love being able to help people. Weather that be by just offering a smile or an actual helping hand. I truly enjoy being the smiling face that patients get to see everyday of their treatment. It was been such a rewarding choice so far.
Of course I genuinely care about helping patients! Whether the job pays good money or not - there's no doubt in my mind that I'd still go into the profession. I want to make use of myself and care for people, as that in itself is it's own reward.
Genuinely care about the patients. What financial benefits??
I genuinly care about helping patients, it has always been my passion to care and treat other. I have been apart of the St. John Ambulance since I was a very young age and first aid is something that I am very passionate about and I thrive to teach others how they could potentially save a life, even by a phone call.
I have always wanted to work in the cancer field as I have passion to help patients and make the life worthwhile by increasing the chance of them living longer.
I genuinely care about helping the patients.
I enter Radiation therapy because it is combine my two interest: love to science and care for others.
I never once considered Radiation Therapy for the paycheck aspect. There are people that are close to me that have been diagnosed with cancer and I have always told myself that one day I would do something to make a difference in peoples lives that get that devastating diagnosis.
I care about my patients and their well being.
Genuinely care about patients.
I have experienced first hand how difficult it can be and so I have real care for patients and there families.
I awareness of cancers and their effects on people and their families is increasing which will effect the NHS and the way which they treat increased patients. I want to be a radiotherapist to help the [patient and see their development through the treatment and how this can have a positive impact on the patient but also the people around them which are supporting and helping the patient through this time.
I care for the care which patient receive and the difference a good radiotherapist can have on the quality on care which the patients receive which is why I want to be a radiotherapist because I want all patients to receive the high quality care which they deserve to improve their quality of life. I also want to be a trusted, high quality professional because the difference which you have on one patients life can cause a positive effect on the lives of others around them (friends and family) which care and want also the best for the patient.
I want to make a difference to someone because of the high quality of care which I will be able to provide. I want to have a positive impact on a persons life which can therefore help to improve the lives on others around them (friends and family) because of the trust and understanding which I'm able to provide.
I genuinely enjoy helping people. I had a friend who passed from Cancer when I was younger and I hated not being to help him back in the day. Now I have the ability to help cancer patients and would love the opportunity to help patients at your facility.
I changed to Radiotherapy from my initial career as a chemist because I find fulfillment in caring for people suffering with cancer as I lost my Dad to cancer as well.
No I definitely did not join this career for the pay. My father suffered from Cancer and he got radiation treatment I seen the benefits and it really inspired me to take on radiation therapy.
I care about helping patients I'm a caring person.
I am in it for the patients, 100%. My life has been affected by cancer and I want to do everything I can help other people who it has touched. If I was in it for the money, I'd be a stock broker.
I had a very good job that I was willing to give up for radiotherapy even though my salary will be a lot less that what I did but I feel like it is one of the best thing to help cancer patients who may have physical, social, emotional and physiological problem as well as the cancer and therefore helping Patients have a better quality of life is my duty. I would always put patients at the centre of everything I do.
I genuinely care about helping patients and am very interested in cancer.
I genuinely care about helping and working with patients and I am also very interested in cancer.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
The holistic side of this job is a role I believe is my strongest atribute. Many oppotunities have presented where patients have requested me at their treatment and given me thank you cards for the support. I myself was once in a vulnerable position with my health and so feel I can really empathise with these patients and can provide them with the support they actually need and would be beneficial to them.
I genuinely care about my patients. Helping my patients fight cancer is one of the best feelings in the world. I know I am making a difference in someone's life and giving them hope.
The money is a added benefit. But the reward of helping people who has been diagnosed with cancer is an added benefit. No one wants cancer but when they know that people who are helping them really cares it make a huge difference.
Genuinely care about the patients.
Genuinely care about helping patients and being the person they can come to in order to get better.
My number one priority is always for the patient. I truly enjoy feeling as though I'm making a difference.
I genuinely care about the patients.
Ive always been passionate about being able to help people in their time of need.
I really care about helping patients and building trusting rapport with them. I have lost my best friend, surrogate mother and two family members to cancer. I could not be there for those people, but I can be there for my patients.
I genuinely care about people. Money might drive some people but human compassion drives me, and I think we need a lot more of that in the world. I am and have always been a very caring person, especially for people battling a vicious disease such as cancer.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
I really do care about patients.
I applied due to the nature of working with vulnerable patients, and to have the opportunity to care and support them during their time of need.
I always wanted to be helping patients. I want to be there for them because I believe sometimes the family's patient is already so sad about the situation that sometimes they are not even strong enough to give the support the patient needs. By this fact, we as health care providers are there to try to bring their hope back again, and as well to their families.
I genuinely care about the patients. I want them to feel like they are not just another patient for us. I want them to feel like family.
I started my college education studying nursing. When I realized it was not the path I wanted to take, I began searching for other careers in the medical field. When I found radiation therapy I knew it was what I was meant to do. Radiation therapy allows me to show my compassion for others and be financially stable.
I get a sense of satisfaction from helping people in their treatment and seeing them recover. The financial benefits are a bonus.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
I genuinely care about helping patients. I have had multiple family members diagnosed with cancer so helping these patients holds a special place in my life.
Genuinely care about bettering the lives of patients.
I genuinely care about helping patients.
I genuinely care about helping patients and I feel this field is a great way to do so hands on with the added benefits of building relationships with the patients.
Obviously caring the patients only.
Caring about patients. I love helping people and really enjoy the feeling of helping others.
At first it was for financial needs but as I enter in this field I genuinely care about helping patients.
I have always empathized with cancer patients. The whole journey these patients go through is very inspirational and really tugs at the heart strings. I have personally lost 2 close family members to cancer and it was hard seeing them go through the journey. I have always wanted to play a part in helping patients and trying to make their journeys a little bit less tough. I think it is a very rewarding job in a way that we get to meet patients on a daily basis and really bond with them throughout their course of treatment.
I shadowed a radiation therapist for a day while in school before knowing what it was about or about the financial benefits. By 9 am that day I knew this was the field I belonged in. I connected with these patients on so many levels and I feel like you need to have that gift in this kind of field.
I genuinely care about patients. I have always enjoyed helping others and I believe this field is the right place to do just that.
I did not enter for financial gain. I find helping patients incredibly worthwhile and rewarding.
As with my previous degree of Psychology, I have always chosen paths with people at the centre. It was through my desire to care and help that I found out about Radiotherapy, and that desire has only been strengthened during the course. It is my desire to help that will motivate me to continue and improve.
I care about helping the patients. Cancer is an ugly thing and I have witnessed it on a personal level. The pay is just a perk.
I'm a caring individual with relevant experience. I have worked previously as a healthcare assistant for minimum wage and still provided top quality care.
When I first heard about Radiation Therapy I did not know what it was. After I researched the field I became more intrigued as to what type of work it would be. Being accepted into program and going to clinic every day made me realize that these patients feel like family.