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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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When did you realize you wanted to be a radiation therapist?
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I realized I wanted to be a radiation therapist after my first day of observation. When I saw that its more than just taking a patient back and treating them, that it was more about the environment and making the patients experience as enjoyable as possible, I knew that radiation therapy was going to be my life long career and that I was personally going to change peoples lives throughout it.
When I started that course and began to see what a difference we make to a patients life.
During national service, I met people from all walks of life and made me realise how blessed I am. Therefore I wanted to work as someone who helped others.
During the early stages it was not as clear to me. However after many years of placement and advancing my skills I feel that it is suited to me and I have the correct attributes to be a great radiation therapist. I really realized after about my second placement where I was placed on a machine with mainly palliative patients who were very sick and how even during early stages in my course I was able to show strong empathy and be very in tuned with patients.
Chose RT during year 12. Spent a year in France as an exchange student after school. Given the opportunity to do work experience in a radiology clinic. Realised that I had definitely made the right decision to do RT. I was more interested in the patient contact and continuity with RT than the technical aspect required for radiography.
Radiation therapy is a local treatment that is either prescribed as a palliative approach or a curative.
I realized that I wanted to be a therapist when a friend of mine in the field told me how much she enjoyed it. The plan was solidified when I did a half-day shadow shift at a radiation therapy unit while I was taking prerequisites for the Radiation Therapy program.
There was a talk at college about radiotherapy and from that day I knew that it was something that I wanted to do.
I always wanted to work with patients and patient care is the centre of radiotherapy it involves working with individuals on a personal level. I wanted to be able to make a difference to their lives; which I believe I can.
Personal experience with my uncle, who was diagnosed over 3 years ago.
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