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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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If a patient cannot sit still during treatment, or prior to treatment, what would you do?
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I would ask the patient if they were uncomfortable. I would probe to see if the forms were the issue. I would also ask them if they were nervous and try to calm there anxieties by going through the procedure and what they should expect during the treatment.
I would consult with my senior as the whether or not it would be appropriate to give the patient their treatment. If we could not come to a decision we would consult the doctor in charge and ask if he was happy for the patient to be treated. I would not treat the patient if I was not confident that the patient would not be in danger if we decided to treat.
Use of masks, molds or casts to sit the patient still and straight prior to treatment. Can talk to them before treatment to try and ease them and relax them.
Calm the patient down, allow them to breath, offer some water and take your time with them.
Try to look at what immobilisation aids could be used to change their position and thus facilitate treatment.
Ask them the reason as to why they cant stay still, talk to them, reassure them and remind the patients the importance of staying still for radiotherapy treatment. if the patient cant stay still after talking to them, I would let my seniors aware of it.
Ensure patient has been educated on importance of keeping still during treatment. As patient if there is a particular reason the are having difficulty staying still- pain, anxiety discomfort. Address issue- medication, possible change in patient position/immobilisation equipment. Possibly construct further immobilisation devices. Music for relaxation. Discuss issue with senior/RO if necessary.
Make him as much comfortable to maitain the right position.
I would talk to them and try and settle them it maybe that they are nervous and a word of encouragement maybe what they need. If that is not the case I will not be able to proceed with treatment if they are unable to stay composed as it will risk damaging healthy parts of the body.
Try and talk to the patient to figure out what is making them anxious and then try to talk them into calming down, assuring them nothing is going to touch or hurt them and explain the importance of holding still.
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