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How would you describe your overall academic performance?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Radiation Therapists interview

How to Answer

When an interviewer asks about your education, speak confidently about the work you have accomplished! Becoming a radiation therapist is no easy task, as you know. Talk about what you learned, and share some of the highlights of your training and experience from your clinical rotations. What experiences did you gain that have influenced your approach to healthcare? Explaining how hard you worked and some of the challenges you encountered shows your strengths. How did you overcome the challenge of finding balance and managing stress? Talk about how your education influenced your decision to focus on radiation therapy and technology.

How would you describe your overall academic performance?

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How would you describe your overall academic performance?
The Mohawk-Mcmaster program taught be a broard range of subjects through my courses in radiobiology, medical physics, anatomy, patient care, treatment planning, and skills. Classroom formats were very interactive which promoted a team atmosphere.
I think that I already prepare for this career. I did learn the prerequisite before apply.I think with knowledge about science, I can study well.
Yes I have been volunteering in a radiation oncology office weekly and I have also been taking science classes to help me have a better understanding of the human body and its background.
Yes, I was trained through an excellent curriculum which provided a broad understanding of most cancers and their treatments, then my clinical work assisted in providing solid practice to utilize that theoretical work.
I was very fortunate to be trained at the best facilities in my home town. It prepared me to be aware of what it is out there.
I feel like I am a blank canvas. As a student you do a lot of watching along with hands on education on how to set a patient up. but every clinic or hospital has their own technique. I feel prepared but im more excited and eager to start my career.
Yes I redo feel very weel prepared for this career.
I learned a lot during my later high school years, especially in the Science area, doing Physics, Biology and Chemistry, all of which I found interesting and challenging in most cases. I think tha.
I feel very prepared from a technical standpoint, I do realize there is a lot to learn that can only be attained though experience.
Yes, I have had much education throughout my years and I feel ready to advance.
Yes I feel I am well prepared for this career. I applied last year straight out of school but did not get accepted, so I took the pathway of doing health science to get in. I feel this course has helped me grow immensely in both knowledge of the body but also the clinical setting.
While my academic career is more focused on kinesiology, I have several practicum experiences that have allowed me to be around different health care systems and seen different things. The fact that I have grown up around oncology and worked in an oncology office for the past several years has prepared me very well for this career because I am no stranger to the different parts of cancer treatment.
I have a B.S degree in radiological sciences and actually did radiography for 6 years before learning about the online Washburn program. I feel after 11 years in this field that I am prepared for a lot and also ready to learn new things as I go.
I have done 4 alevels and 1 as level, also studied at university with extensive hospital placement experience and I believe I am well prepared for this career.
Yes, I have a major GPA of 3.8 and I have been preparing for this program all of my college years.
The didactic part of the program definitely gave me a very good knowledge base which prepared me for clinic. But I think what really prepared me for this career is what I have learned from my placement here in Ottawa. The therapists here have been great with showing the students different ways of doing things, and I learned that you develop your own "radiation therapist persona" depending on how you do things - like your own checklist per se on what you do as a therapist. And being able to incorporate different ideas and suggestions that I have encountered during the 8 months that I was here as a student has helped me develop my own checklist and my own style as a radiation therapist. I think the staff here has done a great job with the students based from my experience. To be perfectly honest, I think it is going to be an interesting transition, but I am excited because I know that I have been taught very well by the people here and by the teachers I had in Michener and given the experience that the staff here has, I know I will keep learning more.
It took me a while to get started on my education but I feel that my training has definitely prepared me to deal with every aspect of this field. I view radiation therapy as a lifelong learning career as techniques and technologies are constantly changing.
I am finishing xray and looking to get into rad therapy. I feel my education thus far has given me the knowledge to work as an xray tech and a foundation for rad therapy school.
I graduated at the top of my class in the Radiation Therapy program at the University of Michigan.
The degree was classified as 50/50/. I learnt the theory and had a chance to do practical placement. I believe I had the necessary knowledge to do the job but would not heistate to enhance my knowldege in this career.
I have had many different placements during college that introduced me to the elderly, people with learning difficulties and children. 3 years of training mostly spent within practice has made me feel prepared to make the transition from student to qualified Radiotherapist.
I have a bachelors in science, graduating at the top of my class. My training has made me clinically competent, excellent at communication both orally and written, excellent at problem solving, sensitive to cultural diversity.
I have a degree in radiotherapy and have clinical experience.
I have a bachelor in cell biology and radiation therapy. I am prepared for this career.
Having a bachelor degree as opposed to an associates degree, I feel very well prepared for this career. My four years of classes and hands on experience lead me to a full time internship where I left feeling like one of the team.
I have an Associates in Science in Radiologic Technology. I feel that I was well prepared to enter the field as an entry level Radiation Therapist due to the intensive clinical training I received while in school.
Yes, although my education was a while ago now so I keep up to date by self-directed study, attending study days or courses where appropriate.
I have completed a wide range of subjects throughout high school and university and in turn feel that I am well prepared to enter in to this career.
I have had many placements both interstate and in Adelaide and I have always put in 100%. During my academic courses I have had good time management with constant employment and good grades. I have a good base knowledge which I have been able to advance during placement. I understand that in this profession I will always be learning and this is one of the things that excites me most about being a Radiation Therapist.
Very much. I must say we had a very intense four years between University and the Program, and it was a lot to fit in. We had comps on the majority of techniques right down to the smallest detail. The centre I work in now has told myself and another graduate of my school that they are very impressed with our skills and how we work. We came in ready to go, and very prepared, and that made me feel even more confident in myself and my abilities. My schooling covered everything we could possibly cover, and if there were no cases with this certain site, we would have to run labs until we knew what to do. It was tough, but worth it.
I have completed 6 years of my education I received my Masters degree at 22. I feel well prepared.
I am prepared in the sense that I have done my theory and finished uni, learning on the job each day is different to studying for an exam. I am prepared and excited to begin my career in the field.
My university education has well prepared me for my career as a radiation therapist. Not only was the academic portion very rigorous and time consuming, but the clinical aspect offered during my second and fourth year terms provided a clear hands-on approach to working with other therapists, and most importantly, with patients. Studying and classroom learning is an excellent foundation, but the real art to being an effective therapist comes with practice and being on the floor with the patients for each step of their treatment. My schooling provided an excellent window into this area and I feel confident in how it solidified my skills.
I have degrees in radiation therapy, radiologic technology, and my bachelors in nursing. I graduated from Forsyth Technical Community College, and I do feel feel prepared for this career. I believe all my training and experience in different medical fields adds to my career as a radiation therapist.
I am very confident I have gained a lot from my work experience and hope to increase the skills and knowledge at this university.
Yes! I have studied bio, chem and psychology which have taught me many skills,
Yes, Studying biology has taught me a lot about human anatomy.
I have done Bse in Physics, and I Have two year certificate programe in RT which is compulsury for this field ,
Greaduated with distinction Newcastle university 2013 SPP Tamworth 2014 Currently employed as a level 2 radiation therapist in Tamworth Experiences so far have allowed me to develop skills and knowledge required for a job as an RT.
I can say up to this point of my education that I have invested my money well in order to eventually achieve my career goals.
I do, my 3 years of theory and one year of practical has prepared me for all that this career has in store.
I have had good didactic training as well as many months of training and shadowing in a clinical environment. I believe I am well prepared because I had a chance to experience working with patients hands on as well as learning and working with several equipments and machines.
Yes I feel that I have a ticked all the educational boxes required to do this job. I also feel confident with my qualifiactions.
I have a 3.4 GPA and have finished all but three courses required to program entry. Those three that I am missing I am currently enrolled in those courses. I have a 3.2 GPA in my Math and Science, which meet the course requirements.
Yes I do I have had training for the past 3 years over which I believe I developed as a professional and will continue to do so.
Yes, I believe that the training both academic and clinical I received over the last 2 years has equipped me well for this profession. I have developed different skills and one of the important skills is reflective practice. I always think about how I could improve my skills and be a better professional. Having that mind set makes sure that I am not ashamed to admit my limitations and seek help and guidance and learn from the experience of others around me.
Having spent three years training in this hospital, I feel very well prepared for a career in this department. I have a full understanding as to how the department is run and the protocols used here. Also I always feel appreciated while on placement and I feel that I can be a valuable member of the team here.
I feel like the last three years have prepared me well for this career, having time bothin placement and in academic settings has allowed me to easily transfer the theroy into practice.
I am very well educated, I have a background in both relevant and broader topics which I believe both prepares me for and gives me exciting capacities to the career.
Yes I do feel prepared the structure of this course has allowed me to gain wealth of experience and the results I gained of a 2:1 further improved my confidence and commitment to this degree.

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