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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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How would you describe your overall academic performance?
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Greaduated with distinction Newcastle university 2013 SPP Tamworth 2014 Currently employed as a level 2 radiation therapist in Tamworth Experiences so far have allowed me to develop skills and knowledge required for a job as an RT.
I have completed two years of education including two years of clinical rotations. I feel that I am ready to be an entry level therapist. However, I have been told by several seasoned therapists that new grads don't really become full team members until they have been working for at least six months to a year. I feel confident in my abilities and open to learning from everyone.
I have had many placements both interstate and in Adelaide and I have always put in 100%. During my academic courses I have had good time management with constant employment and good grades. I have a good base knowledge which I have been able to advance during placement. I understand that in this profession I will always be learning and this is one of the things that excites me most about being a Radiation Therapist.
Ofcourse I have a 2:1 degree and feel that I have developed key skills to become a sound radiographer.
Yes I do I have had training for the past 3 years over which I believe I developed as a professional and will continue to do so.
Yes I do feel prepared the structure of this course has allowed me to gain wealth of experience and the results I gained of a 2:1 further improved my confidence and commitment to this degree.
Yes I feel that I have a ticked all the educational boxes required to do this job. I also feel confident with my qualifiactions.
The degree was classified as 50/50/. I learnt the theory and had a chance to do practical placement. I beleive I had the necessary knowledge to do the job but would not heistate to enhance my knowldege in this career.
Yes, I believe that the training both academic and clinical I received over the last 2 years has equipped me well for this profession. I have developed different skills and one of the important skills is reflective practice. I always think about how I could improve my skills and be a better professional. Having that mind set makes sure that I am not ashamed to admit my limitations and seek help and guidance and learn from the experience of others around me.
I have completed 6 years of my education I received my Masters degree at 22. I feel well prepared.
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