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How do you deal with stress?
Your ability to manage stress will directly influence your ability to provide optimal patient care. Before answering this question, think of some tools that have helped you manage your stress. What will you do when you can't take a break when you need it? "I've learned some helpful breathing techniques that I can do while I'm at work. Even when I'm feeling rushed or overwhelmed by a patient situation, I am able to slow down my breath and remain calm. Patient care will always be my top priority, and that's why I've learned to manage my stress effectively."
Answer examples
"I've learned some helpful breathing techniques that I can do while I'm at work. Even when I'm feeling rushed or overwhelmed by a patient situation, I am able to slow down my breath and remain calm. Patient care will always be my top priority, and that's why I've learned to manage my stress effectively."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you deal with stress?
Relaxing and sometimes walk out.
I tend to go for a run or walk with my dog. I love being able to just blow off my steam by going for a run.
I take a deep breathe and remind myself that everything will work out.
Family time is important to me and being around the people that you love can take your mind off anything that is stressing me out. Also, working out helps me focus my attention on my exercise instead of things that are bothering me.
Meditation and adoration.
Exercise, takemy dogs on a walk, do something I love sewing/quilting.
I would deal with it in a calm fashion.
Stay calm, take a deep breath, and address the stressor.
If I get too stressed I sometimes have to take a second or two to step back and take a couple deep breaths. I remind myself that life could be worse and that I need to keep a positive attitude for the sake of my patients.
First thing I do is take a deep breath and analize the situation. if there is a solution at hand, I apply it; if there is not an immediate solution, then I wait for the right solution to come.
I make time when im off from work to do things I enjoy.
I try and address what is stressing me head on, if it isn't something I can directly alter then I try to blow off steam though exercise.
My strong faith and I enjoy staying fit.
I am very calm and collective. I can handle any situation without getting stressed or at least showing stress.
I just take a deep breath and concentrate on whats important and deal with it.
I am a very logical person so I stop and think about what it is that I'm stressing about. I will make a plan to fix whatever it is that is making me stressed. If it is something beyond my control, I do whatever I can to not allow the stressor to get to me.
I vent, and talk it out with someone.
What is console cantrole.
When stress arises, I always take the time to stop take a deep breath and think about the problems and items that need to be accomplished. I gather all my thoughts and make an organized plan as to what is to be done and what things need to be done first.
When im faced with a stressful situation I don't let it take control of my emotions instead I stay focused on the final goal and thinking positive always calms me down, personal motivation.
Take a deep breath and survey the situation. Then find the best way to proceed.
Family is very important to me, so being around the people I love helps with stress.
I write things down, once they are written I feel like the stress has left and I can focus on the problem later on. Most of the time, after a few hours you realize that there is no major problem you where just under stress and things have calmed down.
I try to remain calm. I analyse the worst case scenario it can happen and then I make a plan to follow in order to avoid it from happening.
I use physical activity to cope with stress. Whenever a stressful situation arises I have found that going for a run or swimming laps helps relieve that stress.
Workout or listen to music.
I think I can handle stress rather well, I enjoy problem solving to work out how I'm going to do something even if there's limited time. I think the key to stressful situations is to stay calm and work logically towards a solution because if you become stressed and just start to try anything you'll take even longer to come to a good solution to the problem.
Whenever I find myself in a stressful situation I always take a step back and analyze the situation, I remember my training and run through solutions in my head considering each outcome and then act according.
I handle stress very well, and often thrive when put into stressful situations.
The best way for me to deal with stress is to break it down and take the situation step by step. I tell myself to remain calm and ask for help if needed.
After a stress ful day I listen to music and cycle if weather allows. I am well aware of work life balance and try and keep work stress at work so that I am fresh and available to take up new challenges at work.
Breathe it in breathe it out, remain calm, and think on your feet to resolve problem.
I am very used to stress, I grew up where my family makes their living off of what happens 3 months out of the year. Things get really stressful around springtime they have all my life. Ive learned to deal with it by not letting it effect me negatively. Ive gotten good with writing things out and learning how to be most effective to get through the stressful time. Ive learned how to look for ways to work smarter not harder to relieve unnecessary stress. I almost thrive in a stressful or chaotic environment because it makes me focus and get in the zone so that I can get through the situation.
Personally, I hand stress by releasing it during phsysical activities whether its on a run or working out at the gym. I prefer to handle it this way to avoid confrontation.
I do alot of self talking and reading that help me with everyday stress. If in a particularly stressful situation it is key to not let it overcome you but to deal with the task at end calmly.
I do recognise my limit and if am stressed, I would probably take 5 min off the treatment room, gather myself, possibly talk to someone as to why am stressed and then get back to work.
I am very calm and focused during stressful situations. I focus on the objective and prioritize what needs to be done in order to meet that objective.
I take a weekly Pilates class and enjoy spending time at the gym.
To deal with stress I play badminton in my free time. Stress at work I would take deep breaths and think calmly, make a list of how to handle situations which can reduce stress.
Focus on what is important, the patient. Prioritize what should be done first.
I handle stress with a list. I will make sure that the most important tasks are carried out before the non-important tasks. I am an easy going person and if I get overwhelmed with stressed, I will step back and give myself time to relax.
When stressed out, I tend to need to talk it out. Sometimes just letting out all my stresses makes everything seem much more manageable.
I understand that stress during work is unavoidable, I remain calm and work through any problems. To cope with the stress in the long term, I enjoy relaxing activities such as exercise, listening to music and meditation.
I remain calm and take deep slow breaths, and focus on the important subject, which is the patient.
I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I run and attend zumba whenever possible and try to keep a routine to ensure good sleeping patterns. If I feel stressed about something then I like to find someone to talk to about the problem. Sometimes pressure can feel like stress.
If I am stressed or in a stressful situation I take some deep breathes and if too out of hand I remove myself from the situation. I also debrief with the team if required. I believe that keeping active and having a balanced diet assists with coping with stress.
I try not to take on too much stress from work. If there is an issue, I like to verbalise and talk it through with team members and not take it all on myself.
Outside of the workplace the majority of the time. If I feel at all stressed during work hours, I will generally hold off, and continue on with my day until a break and then I would leave the console, or work area and go do something else outside of the workplace. Also my evenings are busy with not work related activities, so as soon as we leave work through the doors, I am able to drop any stress. I also try not to dwell on small things.
As you know im a very easy going guy, so it takes alot to stress me out. In my personal life I go to the gym and play footy which are my ways of working the stress out. I find I am able to keep a calm head in times of great stress. I am also able to decrease the level of stress with other people in the stressful environment.
I have always been an athlete to deal with stress I tend to take my stress running.
I find it useful to deal with stress in a methodical manner. I tend to reflect on what it is that is causing the stress and find a solution. For example recently in my retail job I have been promoted to running the stockroom on my own on the sunday. The first day there was an i.
I exercise regularly which helps to reduce stress levels a lot. I talk to my colleagues and other work friends about any problems I am having and also have a supportive family who I talk to a lot and help if I get stressed. I also try and make the most out of my weekends and annual leave away from work and frequently go on small breaks away to take my mind off any stressors and enjoy myself.
I find that exercising, keeping my mind busy with reading or work or exercising helps me deal with stress.
I deal with stress differently depending on the situation. If I am at home and need to get away from something, I go to my piano and get lost in some music. However, when stress is building at work, I cope most effectively by prioritizing my list of things to do and slowing down. I find this to be a great way to focus on the key objectives.
Stress is a natural occurrence for us. I manage stress by always talking to members of the team and dealing with problems that arise.
I remind myself that I am here for the patient, and when I am with them their needs are my priority.
Often, I deal with stress by relaxing my mind by taking a walk or giving myself sometime to think about the situation.
I like to keep fit so I go to the gym when I can which I find is good at relieving stress or listening to music can take your mind off things.
I know that it doesnt last forever. So I take deep breaths.
Thinking about what is making me stressed and for example make a plan or list of how to deal with the situation.
I deal with stress by removing myself from the situation because the root of stress is usually exaggerated in my head.This allows me to put it into perspective. I also enjoy listening to music= removes myself from the situation.
Stress is an emotional mindset that can be both a positive or negative thing. It may reduce the performance of an individual or change their normal behavioural characteristics but when the right amount of stress is applied and dealt with in the right way it can have positive impacts. For example stress can motivate and ensure an individual works to their utmost to ensure the best outcome possible. The way I deal with stress is I organise myself, into daily tasks I have to get through with the time and duration of each activity to give my mind ease and ensuring I provide breaks in between.
I handle stress very well. I am used to working in and dealing with a lot of stressful situations.
I deal specifically with the situation instead of worrying about the stress because that was the situation (if possible) is handled, which would take away the unwanted stress.
I vent to my trusted friends or take a walk to get some fresh air .
I talk things over with someone I can trust so as not to let it build up inside of me.
I talk about it with my family, I have learned that keeping things inside only causes the feelings to become more aggressive. It is only through communication that you can relieve this stress.
When it comes to stressful situations, it is important for me to keep a clear head and stay calm. I like to think out the solutions to any problems before acting on them to make sure that it is a good decision. When it comes to a patient is is better to be safe and not act rashly.
By talking to others and finding ways to laugh with people.
When it comes to stress, I talk. I find that talking about your problems makes you feel ten times better.
I try to solve the issue which is causing me stress by reflecting upon the situation and creating an action plan for future references.
I deal with stress by giving myself small opportunities to breathe. Take a minute to stretch or take a few deep breaths. Just a moment to have a mental break before diving back in is really helpful.
I look at the bigger picture and think about the impact of me stressing would have on others around me. Also spending time doing what I like and spending time with my family helps me relax and unwind.
It can be overwhelming at time but I try to lighten my work load by delegating jobs to other staff members that are less busy that myself. Alternatively if this is not an option prioritizing work is important so that all dead lines are met. Also to balance out work stress I try to not think about work things at home and if there is something that I think of that I wish not to forget, rather than dwell on this I write it down or put a reminder in my phone so that I will remember it, but the burden is gone.
I like to exercise. Running or rollerblading helps to relieve my stress.
I take a deep breath, readdress the situation and try and solve the problems at the route cause.
I deal with stress by keeping calm and removing myself from a situation where I feel I may not be able to handle.
I usually divert my attention, think of something nice to eat after work.
Speak with a colleague or friend.
Find out what the stressor is and attempt to alleviate it.
I like to talk through it with my family or peers.
When im stressed I tend to stay calm and deal with things one at a time.
I like to exercise and go to the gym. I also have a close network of friends and family who are there for me when I am finding things tough. I also like to read.
I try to think of positive things and maybe go for a walk.
Communication and organization. I would remain calm and form a plan which I would then follow systematically.
If a situation is getting stressful, I just take a moment to take a breath and regroup so that I can continue on and find a way to work through it.
I tend to work well under pressure, however I have found that the best way to deal with stress is to face it head on in the workplace and leave the stress at the door when you leave the work environment, go home and regroup.
I deal it with quite well but I personally need to train myself to be in a situation under pressure.
I feel like I do very well in stressful situations. When I was working in xray, I loved working in the emergency room because it was always a different situation, but at the same time you still always needed to get a good diagnostic image. I enjoy the critical thinking of a situation and like to stay calm while finding the perfect solution.
Pretty well, in AS psychology we learnt about stress, how it affects us and ways to reduce it. Without that knowledge however, I'd still cope well, I tend to relax in stressful situations and make it so they won't get the better of me.
By taking care of the most important things first and efficiently.
By taking care of the most important things first and efficiently.
I deal with stress by talking to people and clearing my head with fresh air.
To deal with stress I forget about everything and clear my mind by watching something for example a tv show I enjoy.
I love dancing, so whenever I am stressed, I do some dancing.
I am calm person, always try to analyse the situation for few angles which helps me in the stressful situation.
So that the radiation is only treating the unhealthy tissue and sparing the healthy normal tissues.
Well, I try to think logically in order to avoid stress and deal with situations.
I try to prioritize my responsibilities and set short term goals.
Prioritize and ask for help.
I meditate as it helps to clear the mind and helps you clear your mind of all the stress which has happened during the day.
I am genreally very strong mineded and do not get very stressed but I play football regularly and keep active in the gym. Also I like to just relax and home and get away from work.
When dealing with stress, at the end of the day I would focus on my hobbies (music) because these relax me and reduce the stress levels which I'm feeling before.
At the end of the day I try to focus on my hobbies which I complete in my own time (music) which takes my mind off the situation which is making me stressed and focuses my mind on other things. This then reduces stress.
I have several ways to deal with stress. I like to work out. I also do yoga and occasionally meditate to relieve stress.
I take a step back and look at the situation and make a plan to get all of my tasks done.
Attending comedy gigs, communicating with fellow team members, swimminmg.
I would talk to a friend or maybe my mother after all a problem shared is a problem halved.
Take a step back breath communicate and take it one step at a time.
I am someone who needs to talk it out with a third party, or it builds inside of me. Being able to lay it all out there and get someone else's perspective or support. I'm also a stress baker. I wish I could say I work out when I'm stressed, but, no, it's more of a sugary, chocolatey coping mechanism.
I take deep breaths and rethink the situation.
It is normal for one to become stressed, however, it is important to remind yourself to see the solution for the thing or the task that may have caused you to become stressed, always think about ways that can help you forget about the stress. Solving the task or the thing that has caused me to become stressed will help me a lot in removing the stress for me.
Stay calm and breath, not making a scene, wait for a better time to let it out.
Staying calm in a stressful situation and waiting until an appropriate time to deal with it, breathing is also important and making sure not to blow up is important as well.
When I fell stressed in make sure to eat a well balanced meal and get enough sleep so the feeling of stress becomes less prominent.
I deal with stress through exercise, listening to music, or just taking a minute or two to breathe and think about what is the most important thing I need to do next.
I take part in alot of running as I feel its beneficial to be able to put your headphones in and zone out for awhile to take pressure off yourself. It also helps me to reflect on things I perhaps have done wrong so that I dont make the same mistakes.
If I am at work and stressed out, I usually just take a few deep breaths in and try to handle the stress. If I am not at work, I usually go for walks/runs or go to the gym.
I found myself to work well with stress. I enjoy the challenge of the unexpected. The goal of meeting deadliness. It's really exciting to me.
Meditation, Running, Surfing etc.
I try and talk about it with someone but most of the time I don't really get stressed.
By handling one thing at a time and prioritizing.
I engage in various sports and I also believe in spirtuality.
I do deal with stress very well. I do not often get stressed.
I tried to focus on the main thing I have to deal with and that's the patient. Managing your time is managing your stress.
It depends on the situation. If the stress comes from a familiar situation, I have the confidence that I can work through the situation and be successful at it. If it is an unfamiliar stress factor, I have a moment of panic before I can come up with a solution. It is helpful to have someone to discuss the situation with.
I realize that everything can be solved and work through it.
I was a volunteer firefighter for a year with my dad. The things you see when you get called out really put you to the test and you have to act quickly and efficiently under pressure. It’s nerve racking sometimes knowing someone else’s life is in your hands, but I believe you have to look at the bigger picture, which is keeping that person alive, and that calms me down. Your priorities really come into play when you’re under stress.
I'd like to think I handle stress well and this career is a stressful one. I was a volunteer firefighter with my dad for a year when I was 17. We would be called out to a lot of situations where we would have to act quickly in order to save someone's life. It's stressful knowing someone's life could potentially be in your hands but if you step back and look at what's happening, saving someone's life becomes more of a priority than worrying about how stressed out you are right now. Your instincts and fast-thinking come into play when you're under stress.
I participate in sports such as badminton and baseball.
Well, I am a calm and collective person and do not let stress affect my work or focus.
I choose a positive outlook on life knowing that good things often can come from strenuous environment. I exercise, I plan for things in advance, when I have a schedule to work with, I can budget my time better and compartmentalise.
When I get stressed, I tend to become quiet and start to think out the situation in my head. I try to figure out ways to fix whatever is causing the stress.
I am very calm when I deal with stress. I self reflect a lot and depending on the situation I either talk it over with others or take a moment to gather my thoughts.
When stressed, I will focus my attention on one task at a time. I will try to shut out the cause of the stress until I have successfully completed the task after which I will try to deal with the cause of the stress.
I deal with stress by knowing that I am alive and breathing and that's all that matters, as well as helping others.
With regarding work stresses, I try to find what is causing the stress first. After I have found what is causing my stress I try to find a way to develop a healthy response to such stresses. I have found that if I am able to step away and gather my thoughts and take some deep breaths it normally helps during work. At home I like to exercise to relieve tension.
Prayer and Meditation or working out to reduce stress.
I like to spend time in my garden, go for walks, shows and musicals and eating out. I enjoy my holidays and will arrange to go away at least a year.
Very well. I stay very calm in stressful situations.
I deal with my stress well mostly when am under pressure.
By not getting too much of tention working relaxily.
Take time to reflect and think about ways to deal with the situation.
I work well under stressful environments. I think being in the healthcare field, we are inevitably under a great deal of stress. There are many things going on at once and we are responsible for caring for a vulnerable patient population and their families. What I find that helps me is making use of any break time to destress and getting a snack always seems to help.
I just sit down, distract myself and try to relax.
Running is my free therapy. It helps me deal with everything. It cleans my lungs and my thoughts.
I stop and take a few breaths to recuperate.
I do things I enjoy to relieve stress like spending time with family and friends.
By tackling it head on. By planning and being very organised.
Time management and prioritizing are my key methods when dealing with stress. Doing these enables me to keep calm and to accurately deal with the task at hand.
I love to hang out with my family and friends. We take walks around the neighborhood.
I try not to put myself in stressful situations. If I have a conflicting problem, I will approach the right person and communicate to them in private why I am feeling this way and how can we work together to improve this situation.
I will speak to colleagues / friends for advice. I will also break down any challenge into smaller chunks.
I deal with stress by taking a minute to just breathe. I also deal with stress outside of the work place by exercising.