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Top 25 Quality Control Manager Interview Questions
List of Quality Control Manager Interview Questions
  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What experience do you have leading a team?
  3. Do you have previous experience in this field?
  4. When have you received criticism? How do you handle criticism?
  5. Do you work well under pressure?
  6. How do you prioritize your work?
  7. If hired, how do you intend on making a difference with our company?
  8. When have you had to criticize someones work before? Are you comfortable doing so?
  9. When have you given advice or a suggestion to a QC manager before? How was your advice/suggestion received?
  10. What is your greatest strength?
  11. Do you have any previous experience as a Quality Control Manager?
  12. How do you handle stress with your job?
  13. Do you manage your time well?
  14. What are key duties/tasks for Quality Control Manager?
  15. Why do you want to become a Quality Control Manager?
  16. Why should we hire you?
  17. What has been your biggest career accomplishment?
  18. What is destructive testing, and what are its benefits?
  19. Tell me how you would make a great quality control manager here at our company.
  20. What have you learned from your past jobs that related to Quality Control Manager?
  21. What do you know about our company?
  22. Tell me about a risk you discovered from your past job?
  23. Tell me about your quality control experiences.
  24. What is your greatest weakness?
  25. What's your ideal company to work for?
  26. How important was it for you to keep detailed records of all your inspections at your previous position?
  27. As an inspector, walk me through your day to day job.
  28. Are you familiar with the regulations we face, in this industry?
  29. What was a major decision you had to make as an inspector? How did it affect the company you worked for?
  30. How do you maintain consistent inspections?
Contributing Author
Rachelle Enns
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Quality Control Manager Information
March 19th, 2017

A quality control manager is responsible for making sure that all products meet the required standards before they are released to the consumer. Every company sets their own standards in terms of quality and efficiency of their products or services. It is then the responsibility of the quality control manager to put the product through a variety of tests. It is given the okay to be launched only if every requirement is met. As part of their job, quality control managers liaise between production departments and management and they also work on devising techniques and strategies to improve manufacturing processes to improve the quality of the goods.

A bachelors degree in business, engineering or a science-related field is the minimum qualification necessary for anyone looking to work as a quality control manager. Advanced education or completing a specialty course in a particular industry can help you get higher paying jobs in the industry of your choice. As a quality control manager, you must also be familiar with the industry that you wish to work in. Completing an internship under an experienced quality control manager will help you get valuable on the job experience which is the best way to learn the finer nuances of the job.
At your interview for a quality control manager position, it is important to emphasize your attention to detail and your ability to set and achieve high quality standards. Give concrete examples of how you achieved results in your earlier experience as a quality control manager or even while interning. Familiarize yourself with likely questions by going through quality control manager mock interview questions. Practicing answers to commonly asked questions will boost your confidence and your chances of bagging the job.
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