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What is the most challenging task you have faced as a Quality Control Inspector?
Being able to trudge through the tough and challenging times is a really important skill to highlight. Tell the hiring manager that you are able to succeed and push through.
Answer examples
"The most challenging task that I have faced as a QC Inspector was the recent implementation of our new facility wide safety program. It was very detailed and required a lot of training hours and re-certifications. Also, there was a great deal of resistance from many of the employees. In the end, it was a very successful endeavour and I'm pleased with how it turned out."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is the most challenging task you have faced as a Quality Control Inspector?
There is always the potential of people not being happy to see you.
Rejecting works men when testing him ability to meet the customer requirement.
Having to give warnings or putting product on hold.
Getting people to comply without feeling like you're delaying production.
Rejecting bad deliveries.
Maintaining a best quality everytime.
Sometimes quality is being compromised due to challenges at hand in production line and sometimes we fill that our hands are tied cause we risking the fact that there could be defects out there because of manpower.
Working in multi storey buildings.
Keep a balance between client and construction and save ourselves from being a sandwich.
Helping people and they think your are pointing bad point to them....