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What do you like least about being a Quality Control Inspector?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know what aspects of your job you do not enjoy doing. Tell the hiring manager what part of your job you don't enjoy but be sure to avoid turning it into a negative conversation. You should always end this on a positive note. Your answer can reveal your weaknesses to the interviewer.

What do you like least about being a Quality Control Inspector?
Answer example

"The part of being a QC Inspector that I enjoy the least is probably the mass amounts of paperwork that I need to complete on a daily basis. I do understand that it needs to be done, however; I very much enjoy being face to face with my team. It feels like I make a bigger impact that way."

Entry Level

"I am new to my career as a QC Inspector, so I have not yet discovered my favorite or least favorite tasks. While attending University, I did find the most challenging part of my coursework to be CAD (computer-aided design). We touched on our CAD skills to some degree; however, I did not feel strong enough in this area post-grad. For this reason, I have enrolled in a two week CAD course which starts next week. "


"Documentation has never been my favorite focus, primarily because I am not the fastest typer and I prefer verbal communication. This includes logs, the summary of my day's work, and sending emails. For that reason, I am taking an online typing course which will help me to feel less overwhelmed when it comes to these written related tasks."

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What do you like least about being a Quality Control Inspector?
Seeing all the bad food going to waste.
The customers some times not like to hear our words they just start talking the disadvantages of the machines and continue the same.
Products being returned from customer... It always points back at our department.
I like to be responsible about my organisation.
Not getting feedback about improvements to the process I've recommended.
When people think you are attacking them when pointing out non code compliance issues but in reality you are helping them and you want the best for the company and want everyone to go home safe every day to their loved ones.
I have always enjoyed all that is involved with quality so I would say there is nothing that I like least.
Sometimes most of the pressure comes back to you.
To find something wrong during the process, and deal with some people who doesn't understand what quality means.
I have not discovered that yet.
Dealing with nasty people.

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