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Tell me about a time that you have been asked to provide leadership or mentorship to a colleague. Did you enjoy that responsibility?
Do you enjoy being a leader? The hiring manager will want to know if leadership is a path that you are hoping and/or willing to take as you grow within their company.
Answer examples
"We recently brought on a summer student and I was asked to have that student shadow me throughout that time. I really enjoyed teaching her the ropes and also found that her questions challenged my knowledge and memory on certain topics. I am very comfortable taking on a leadership/mentorship role and am happy to do so."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time that you have been asked to provide leadership or mentorship to a colleague. Did you enjoy that responsibility?
Yes I am, I can organize time effectively to archive the desired goal.
Yes, I have a strong ability to recognize and prioritise all job tasks.
Yes, I am, I always plan our schedule two days in advance as a backup.
Yes I try to be productive all the time.
Yes I always try to stay busy.
Yes, I make it a priority to finish the job before the required deadline.
I always aim to complete my tasks 5 minuets before i'm supposed to.
Of Course, in quality control there is not time to waiste.
Yes I am if I know and understand that one task is going to take x amount of time. I will start that and then go do other work while keeping that on mind and taking care of both of them as I go.
I manage my time by creating priority lists.
Yes .. Even I spend more if I more intrest.
Am try to be as a guide in my team and try to help them with my experience much I can.
I write work list as set proprieties, and I review this with my supervisor.
Yes I can prioritise jobs and keep to dead lines where need be.
I believe so, I get all my inspections done and back to the warehouse to be distributed to the line so that the line isnt down waiting on parts.
Yes always looking to improve as well.
Yes always looking to improve as well.
Yes, Idont like time wasting.
I am...I believe that when on time you becoming productive unlike when you late you already stressing about the fact that you are late and it is not a good impression especially in a work environment.
Yes, I am very efficient with my time keeping.
Yes. I'm currently working 12 hour shifts and always ensure that when I leave the office at the end of each day my work for day is done and the work for the following day is prepared.
Yes I enjoyed the moment because I was sharing and doing what I love most.