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Tell me about a time that you disagreed with management on a new policy or procedure. How did you handle the situation?
Tell the hiring manager how you are able to be diplomatic in the face of change and adversity.
Answer examples
"Just last week I received a memo from our company's head office stating that as of 2017 we will not be permitted to offer overtime hours to anyone. Knowing that a lot of my employees rely on that additional income, I was quite disappointed in this decision. I gently challenged it by crunching some numbers specific to my facility only. I found that offering overtime was less expensive than hiring and training new people to work part time hours. My proposal is still under review but I am hopeful."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time that you disagreed with management on a new policy or procedure. How did you handle the situation?
I must be unfortunate, I never dealt with someone that asked me to do something that was not best for the company. Know if I disagree I'll bring it up to supervisor.
If our quality has some problem then I will make them better for company reputation.
When we had to go to stores to promote because of the shortime ...I chose to go because I believed that me going to promote will somehow elevate my companies standard as we will have more customers.
Negotiating the best price to lease a property Location of property promoted a media issue. I chose the side of negotiating the best price.
I will be choosing what will be good for the company rather than what is right.
Example 1: FFS results indicated that we had to shut one of our transfer lines. This was not within Code standards due to internal metal loss. The company man did not agree on this as this would be a loss in production. I have reported this to the terminal manager and my line manager and gave them the results of the inspection. We then decided as a team to prepare for the repair works and shut the line. Example 2: While performing a routine inspection on a storage tank, I have noticed a bottom leak. According to Code the tank must be isolated, cleaned and repaired. The leak was slight and we as a team decided to build a secondary containment berm around the tank and monitor the leak on daily basis.
Over engineering and cost effectiveness.