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List 3 key duties in your current role as a Quality Control Inspector.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to understand the fundamental responsibilities in your current role better. Describe briefly the three things that are most important in your current position. Be sure to tie them in with the duties listed in this particular job description.

List 3 key duties in your current role as a Quality Control Inspector.
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Entry Level

"During my practicum, the three areas of focus were on approving incoming materials by confirming specifications, conducting visual and measurement tests, and rejecting unacceptable materials.I understand these to be the key responsibilities in this role as well. Is this correct?"


"In my current role, my primary focus is on approving finished products, conducting visual and measurement tests, and returning products for re-work. I also have a large focus on inputting data into our quality database."

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List 3 key duties in your current role as a Quality Control Inspector.
To ensure the product is at it highest quality for the customers satisfaction.
Checking first 5 jobs of line, assuring its quality.
Ensuring good quality work is maintained.
To inspect products for defects.
Find defective parts and work with floor personal to ensure good quality parts.
I do line patrol 2-3 times a day to see if all rules that might affect product are being followed. I do NCR and CAR reports. I do Interfacing, capturing information of new models and report writing. I check equipment, jigs and gauges. I liaise with all departments I inspect visually the end product.
Avoid the mistakes from technation and machine and make sure all organisation in right way.
Control all aspects of quality and record performace.
The key would be that it meets all of the SOP and other regulations and as well as visually inspection and other necessarily inspection to make sure it will be for the beneficial of consumer and minimal loss of profit.
Inspect work and parts to meet quality standards.
Prepare RFis as per the site condition and make inspection as per the approved ITP and checklist.
Inspect work and parts to meet quality standards.
1. Quality of works 2. Time frame 3. Are they doing it right.
Sampling the process or product find the deviation from the standard isolate the deviate one implement the control measure to avoid it in future.
Ensure equipment meets industry and/or company standards and operated safe. Equipment integrity and reliability is the key.
Inspections Documenting information Liaising with contractors Attending Meetings to assess status of Void works Attending meetings to inform leaseholders and tenants of works.
To be able to implement, quality control, audit, records and report.
Identify the non-conformity of the products.
Be focus, put attention to details, follow instructions, be attached to quality systems and regulations and keep working safe.
Responsibility, being able to record all information. Understanding GMPs, HACCP, CCPs.

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