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Have you ever observed a co-worker stretching the rules? How did you handle that situation?
Discovering a co-worker stretching or disregarding the rules can be a very stressful occurrence in the workplace. How you handle a delicate situation like this will also say a lot about your character and work ethic.
Answer examples
"I have discovered a co-worker being dishonest in the workplace. As soon as I made the discovery, I gently confronted the person and asked if this was, indeed, what I observed. Generally speaking things can be worked out on a one-on-one basis."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever observed a co-worker stretching the rules? How did you handle that situation?
I call them on it, if they are not following simple rules now they will make more short cuts again, and I'l most likely have to fix it.
By giving internal non conformance report.
Have a quiet word to say what you have done is not correct and for them to look at what they doing and thinking before acting.
I dont usually get involved in personnel issues I stick to my job but if there is an issue with manufacturing Id call a Quality meeting.
An associate breaking a lifting safety rule. I would talk to that associate and see if they understand why the rule is in place. If I felt it was not gonna be corrected I would go to my manager and talk to him about it.
Approach situation and recommend advice or point out the wrong doing or safety concerns.
Approach situation and recommend advice or point out the wrong doing or safety concerns.
I will console him if he didnot agreed then last step.
To change the position workers.
During construction coordination meeting, being part of the consultant team I must implement as the consultant rules.
When an operator was not using the SD to prevent static...I drafted an alert then asked my superior to conduct training to educate the operators the disadvantages/effects that may occur for not following the procedure.
Installation corrective action not reported ... Raised concern to mamager and issued NCR
Talk him through it. And I'll apply the rules or procedures.
I ensure I have all my facts regarding issue. Depending on the situation, I may ask advise from the HR department. Have a private conversation to discuss and give the staff an opportunity to explain why they behaved unproffessionally. I reiterate Office policy and inform this issue will be documented.
With discussion to the person and check.
By making him aware about its consequences and results for the same.
When working for Shell I have observed that one of the Inspectors did not had the qualifications to sign off a particular job. I have reported this to my line manager.
Ask if they know the procedure and offer advice.
I talked to that person one on one and explained to them that if it continues that I will have to go to management about the situation.
Asking the manager is a certain situation ok and if so why.
In manufacturing, you see many things. Having been in training positions, I usually approach the person and explain that we cannot perform out of safety, and all though their intention was good, the safety for himself is not.