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Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know if you are the type to set achievable goals for yourself. It's important for the hiring manager to see that you can set personal and career goals and then dedicate yourself to achieving those goals. A career-related goal/achievement is always best.

Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
Answer example

"This year I set a goal for myself to successfully hire and train three new production workers and ensure an 87% retention rate in our production department. I dedicated myself to training these employees and kept a closer beat in that department. We closed the year at a 94% retention rate, and I was very pleased with this success."

Entry Level

"The greatest goal I set was to graduate University as an honors student while still working full time in a related field. I was top of my class, and working full time. Reaching this goal showed me that I could dedicate myself to my career, and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."


"The greatest goal I set was to earn a quality record in my current company. I hit the goal in my first year and received accolades from the VP, which was an exceptional moment. I took a pay cut to move into the role, so to exceed expectations, be promoted, and in turn be financially ahead of where I was previously, was exhilarating."

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Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
According to the standard work has to be carried out and make sure about it.
During my honours year my goal was to improve on giving presentations and achieving a first class honours. I achieved my goals by a never missing an opportunity when given a chance for presentation and working hard. The end result was fruit as I won a poster prize presentation award at a conference and got a first class honours for my honours project.
I became a driving instructor, by revising all aspects of the learner driver manual, and sitting exams to reach my goal.
I was plan to get a license, I achieved that by studying hard with control time.
By utilizing quality procedures, ITP, as project approved drawings.
Learn more about R&R, taking classes.
I love cricket more then my bike I achieved form 3 certificate in south zone cricket match conducted by Osmania university.
Ba sociology By distance education.
The ways of Sea to hit the shore after that he broke the huge part of the shore... They achieve the target.. This is example... Continuously trying for goal and achieved it.
I've established cost control in my job as a financial analyst.
Learning a complected series of expermental details.
Stair trim task 2 week job into 3 days.
I wanted the process to be faster. I gave tips to the people before me and the process was fasten again.
Won first place in quality control in the newspaper quality.
My goal was to a quality officer and I became one how I achieved was just hard work.
Weight loss, hard work and determination.
Property Upgrades to meet decent homes standard. I liaised with the Landlord's to discuss upgrades necessary e. G. Kitchen, bathroom, double glazing. Negotiate works, confirm it in writing. I liaise with Contractors to ensure all detailed works are carried out. I post inspect property on completion, take photos. Send photos to the Landlord.
I met the everyday production organizing and delegating work knowing my people skills.
To be a facade consultant. Being employed at ALT Cladding Inc. An international facade consultant. I experienced dealing with other contractors and consultants.
I had to reach a $275,000 home equity loan proceeds goal in 60 days. I actually reached $400,00 in the time frame. I did it by calling and reaching out to my mortgage loan clients to offer them a low interest rate home equity loan.
To become a Site Inspector. And I achieved that goal by earning the appropriate certifications, and training that was required for that position.
Hydrogen controlled electrodes were develop for.
I obtained my NIMS certification and course work at Ivy Tech in warsaw, Indiana while working full time at Zimmer along with overtime. I achieved this success by priorizing my work, schooling and home life to accommodate that success.
Lower quality findings during Q30, from 650 to 660, lower findings into single digits.
By working fast and acjieve.
After inspection when do not fiend any error.
I was looking for a work for a long time. I started preparing myself . I watched videos with tips.
I reached my goal by working from start to finish.
Understand how food is processed. I achieved it by becoming a qc.
I was paying off my mortgage and put all my extra money on it to get it paid off.
Meeting the standards set out in programs, meeting procedure adherence, revenue, numbers etc.
I am an inspector and that, s so great.
I have been awarded as a best performer for the year for that I have worked so hard, I liquidated the repairs and control the welding and welder. So that have completed the hydrotest of boiler with zero leakage.
Project completion, to apply required engineering standards as per drawing specifications.
I set out to be in the QA department at my company within 5 years and I did it in about 4 I started as a solderer then got the lead position and then the QA position. I also set out to buy my own house in that time and just purchased my home last year!
I was struggling with my physical activity in wouldn't want to go do anything so I start pushing myself and just keeping it on my mind of all the struggles you face if you don't and all the negative impact it would have on me so I started ond day at a time an now I am almost to 5 days a week.
I finished my last project in right time with full quality.
Complete degree and I have completed with srcond class. I achived it with hard work ,
Check the 400+ machines without any quality failure in just one moth was the goal and I formed a group and achieved the same.
Be the assistant team lead and have a achieve it by learning all my station in my area and se a good example to other team members.
Working with a target every day enables me to achieve the goal. Team work plays a big part in achieving a goal, in which I perform every day.
I always wanted to be recognized for my hard work and be noticed...I then worked overtime and dedicated time to learn more and learn the system..I was nominated as an employee of the month.
I set a 5 year plan and recently achieved it by paying off my mortgage.
Interview For: Quality Control Inspector.
Stair trim task 2 week job into 3 days.
Arrive office 20 minutes before time. By planning and dividing time into parts.
A goal that I reached was to get my degree in Material Science, I achieved it by hard work and concentration.
Our goal was to achieve rework percentage below 3. I review the data from the work progress database, that states which line has the defects. I will analysis the nature of the defects and the root cause of it and then directly speak to the work supervisor on the preventing action to be taken so that such defects does not occur in future.
Reduced scrap dollars by implamenting scales by Gaylord room.

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