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Quality Control Inspector Interview Questions and Answers
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Describe a decision you made that wasn't popular and how you handled the negative feedback.
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When I was an assistant manager of the eye doctors office . I needed to change a few employees schedule to better benefit the operation of the office. They complained and argued with me over it. After explaining why the changes were made, they adjusted to it.
Having to put a product on hold for not meeting the clients requirements.
Scrap sheets. Had them write down scrap at the end of the day. It saved me a lot of time at the end of the week.
Completing paperwork described the benefits to the staff.
A senior staff member but two containers into the public ice maker, these where not covered or wrapped. This contaminated the drink ice for anyone want to cool their drink. I unplugged the ice maker and opened the drain and posted a sign that ice was contaminated and should not be used. I sent a private note to the staff member and told him I was ordering sanitation chemicals for the clean up. No reason to but attention staff member, he thanked me and signed for the cleaning.
To perform 100% scan on our main Header lines. This was not a good economical time for the company and cost a fortune. I have reviewed all and asked the production manager if they really need all the furnaces to work as our production has lowered over the years. We then decided to conduct 100% scans only the headers feeding the furnaces in need. This brought the price down by approx. 30% saving for the company.
We introduced colour coding on machines based on their skill so as to minimise inspection time and concentrate on helping the least skill workers.
Managing agent asked the tenant to increase the pressure on the Boiler. I negotiated with the agent to add the Boiler pressure to inspection procedure.
Relay the issues and discuss with the immediate superior.
Proper filing system. I made regular check ups.
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