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As a Quality Control Inspector, what keeps you motivated to always give your best work?
What keeps you excited about your job? What drives you to be your best? Talk about your positive triggers and let the hiring manager know how they can best work with you, should you be the successful candidate.
Answer examples
"I am a natural leader and feel that I give my best work when I am responsible for others, or an important project. Feeling like a necessary part of the team is really important to me. I want the company I work for to succeed so that I am successful as well."

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User-Submitted Answers

As a Quality Control Inspector, what keeps you motivated to always give your best work?
Pushing to achieve an outcome that is of Good quality and complying with standards.
Be challenged by impossible tasks with limited time frames.
A positive work environment.
Having a defect free end product.
The unpredictable nature of the work.
Always strive to meet Code requirements and by knowing the requirements through my years experiences it always helps and motive me so other can be positive.