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Psychiatrist Interview Questions
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What kind of work environment do you thrive in?

How to Answer
When answering this question, be sure to tell the interviewer that you are able to conform easily to whatever setting you’re placed in. Research the company beforehand so that you have a good idea of what type of atmosphere they have. Keep your answer positive no matter what type of environment you prefer. Include past experiences with different workplace atmospheres to show your range of adaptability.

Answer Example
"I have done my best work as a Psychiatrist in a collaborative, team based environment. I am a people person and like to have the ear of a colleague from time to time. I've practiced solo and am able to adapt to not having close colleagues around as well."
Entry Level Example
"In getting the opportunity to work in many different settings during my years in residency, the environment that I found must satisfying to be in was a small, close knit clinic or hospital setting. In these environments, it was easier to get to know the team that I worked with and become a closer unit. I know that your opportunity is a smaller, tightly knitted practice that I would be able to succeed in."
Experienced Example
"I am a Psychiatrist that thrives in an environment where I am allowed to be innovative and help to make important decisions in the practice. I've worked in an organization that operated very autocratically and while I was able to adapt to constant changes I may not have agreed with, I find that including many people in key decisions is the key to running a successful Psychiatry practice."
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