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Why did you choose to pursue a career in accounting?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer

Provide an answer as to the reasons that led you to pursue a career in accounting, and link this answer to the position you are applying for - so as to demonstrate your chosen career field/original career goal is in line with this role.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in accounting?
Answer example

"I decided to pursue a career in accounting because I [X reasons for pursuing that career, such as loving numbers and opportunity to independently manage accounts]. I sincerely feel the position I applied for is a perfect fit as I will be solely responsible for the success of the project and will be able to use my accounting skills and love of numbers on a daily basis."

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Why did you choose to pursue a career in accounting?
I have an answer to long to type.
Good question. I didn't like math as a kid, so I stayed away from accounting as well. But as an adult working with all the numbers in the restaurant business I found it to be less math and more business. I found it fascinating to follow the money in and out. There is so much more to accounting then adding and subtracting numbers. There are different reporting methods that can yield significant tax breaks. I also liked how everything has to be in its place. One wrong accounting entry can throw off the whole operation and searching for that mistake could be like finding a needle in a haystack. It may sound crazy but it is like a puzzle to me. I like to be organized and have things in their respective places so accounting just made sense for me.
Because I like accounting and I am interested to work with accounts.
I had a basic understanding book-keeping at O levels. Continue in my tertiary education. I understand the double entry concept. I like economics and politics. I feel that they are important elements in organisation. Understanding them and make it work to achieve objectives.
Maths has always been my favourite subject. I was intrigued to find out more about accounting and so I signed up to Abingdon and Witney college and completed level 2 & 3 AAT. I then obtained work experience in the management accounts department and enjoyed it so much I decided to pursue a career in accounting.
Because Accountancy field is very interesting and challenging.

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