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What areas of accounting do you consider your strongest and which ones are you the most passionate about?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer
Answer this question by providing your strongest areas in accounting and the ones you are the most passionate about, and why.

"The areas of accounting I consider my strongest are [X areas], as I have had a lot of experience in these areas in my last position at [X company] as an [X last position title]. As you can see on my resume, I was responsible for [X duties related to strongest areas]. I am also very passionate about [X areas of accounting]; I studied these areas thoroughly in school and these are some I would really like to gain further experience in."

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What areas of accounting do you consider your strongest and which ones are you the most passionate about?
Analysing cntract bills and profiling best contract to be sorted for.
IAS 11 - Construction Contracts.
Auditing and preparation of books of final accounts.
Well, I understand the concept of accounting but in terms of a particular area it would be accounting for projects.
I believe that I am good at Financial Accounting –which includ month, quater and year end journal entries reconciliation, preparation of financial statment and analysis Month, Quarter, Year-end journal entries, reconciliations, sometimes financial statement preparation and analysis Management Accounting – BI, Budgeting, forecasting, financial statement preparation and analysis.
I'm good a resolving system errors Or at least identifying the cause. I enjoy the analysis areas where you see a different way of looking at the data which illimunates an issue - eg analysing risk and cont budgets compared to labour costs - Often majorly out of sync which creates forecasting errors.
Cash management and financial reporting.
Management accounts and project accounting are where my major strengths lie but I am also very good at financial accounting.
Reconciliation, costing, budget and financial analysis.
I am more proficient in taxation then I am at financial accounting, however, at my current capacity as a tax auditor I regularly have to review the financial information of companies to help make my determinations. I am familiar with financial statements and have been trained to prepare consolidated financial reports. I am a quick learner and am confident I can perform the tasks necessary for this job with some direction at first.
In book keeping. Invoices with reconciliation, bank reconciliation, aging of payable and receivable. Cash budget. Petty cash. Income and expense financial statement.

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