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To confirm I have the most updated copy of your resume in hand, please confirm your highest degrees granted and the years of obtention.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer
Answer this question by mentioning all degrees granted and the years of obtention.

"I received my Bachelor's degree in Accounting from UCLA in December 2011, and my MBA from McGill University in April 2016."

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To confirm I have the most updated copy of your resume in hand, please confirm your highest degrees granted and the years of obtention.
I have Level 2,3 & 4 AAT and a degree in Accounting and Finance reading a 2.1 and I am exempt from the first 7 ACCA exams. I am very dedicated to finishing my professional qualifications and am planning to start studying at the weekends once I have settled into my new role, paying for the qualification myself.
Qualified accountant with extensive experience in both management and financial accounts.
Bachelors degree in finance.
I graduated from Alexandria university - grade good- 2005 & I got scholar ship from ministry of defense in american language course for 6 months also I got ICDL from New Horizon institute Alexandria.
Still learning in school.
Degree in Accounting, Informatics and pursuing an MBA
I studied accounting. I am a member of many professional bodies. I am completing my Msc program in financial manament by December 2016.
I was educate my primer school and seconder school in kenena privet school, I was graduate from Sudan university collage of business study my specialization is accounting.
My education has been a continuous journey. My first experience with college gave me two associates degrees; one in culinary arts and the other in hotel management. After some years in that industry I returned to school to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in English - Creative Writing. I really enjoy writing and had the pleasure of working as a writer in different capacities for some years while continuing to work in restaurant management. Having become tired from working two jobs I decided to pursue my masters and enter a more professional work environment. I hired on at Taxation and Revenue and have been there for three years now. I completed my Masters in Accounting a few weeks ago and am ready for the next chapter of my career.
I consider my education to be a continuing process and plan on keeping it that way. I first received two associate degrees; one in culinary art and the other in hotel management. After some years working in that industry I decided to pursue my goal of getting a Bachelor's Degree. I almost went business degree but switched majors a few times and finally decided on English. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and had the pleasure of working as a freelance writer for a number of publications and websites. During those years I continued working in restaurant management and wrote on the side. Finally I decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Accounting because I always enjoyed doing the books and crunching numbers. I hired on at Taxation and Revenue and enrolled in school three years ago and I'm happy to announce that I have completed the program a few weeks ago and my degree should be arriving in the mail any day now.
I graduated from University of Greenwich being a bachelor degree of accounting and finance holder with second class upper. I also graduated from Uitm being a diploma holder majoring in accounting.
I am a holder of a degree business administration, hold an accounting professional qualification and currently dong master in business admiistration.
Intermediate and the most challenging course was cooperate accounting.
My post secondary education is commerce background with computer applications. Accounting is my favorite. Because I love calculations . Tax calculations are very challenging to me. Of course I love all these calculations..
Costing was my favorable course . Accounting 2 was more challenging.
Degree in Accounting & Finance Cost Accounting was my favourite and challenging course was.

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