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Project Accountant Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about yourself generally and your accounting experience specifically.
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have worked as account consultant for two years where I specialized in conducting project feasibility studies, designing alternative sources of finance and preparing project budgets.
Ok lots of different profs - monthly service with VR, stand alone milestones, etc.
I have an experience of eight years now as a project accountant working with two different project at Plan tanzania.
I have more than 8.5 years expeience in accountancy field working as a project accountant in any site/project is awesome.
At the BBC in costing department before producer choice. It was our role to monitor actuals against budget. Work in progress before completion of programme. I, e. Then when programme is costed.
My experience working in research projects was great. I was given lots of responsibility early on and had the highest authorisation limit on my team. I was able to head all my own meetings with the project managers and have even been to meetings instead of my manager. I already had experience in management accounts but this role gave me the confidence to communicate financial aspects to both external and internal staff. It was a very enjoyable job and I would like to pursue it as a long life career.
Gained considerable knowledge in costing. Lots of analysis and how effectively cost accounting system can be used.
my experience as an accountant has been great ranging from, Financial Reporting, treasury management, budgeting and budget control, compliance and general ledger management, internal control management and human resource duties
While I've never held the title of project accountant I have worked on projects as a restaurant manager where each project was based in accounting. For instance the food, labor and liquor costs were all based on financial numbers. I've also worked on inventory control projects to minimize the standing inventory. All of these are projects with principles in accounting. Having an understanding of accounting principles was very useful in my success in that capacity.
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