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Project Accountant Interview Questions and Answers
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Provide an example of a project you had to complete in a short period of time, and what you did (alternatively, would do) to successfully complete the project in a timely fashion.
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When I designed a project targeting vulnerable populations I did not have adequate information about.
D was and is - it's a big project with a low margin with a large Third party component - accounting wise it is cost to complete So they'd a lot of translating frombusiness to finance speak. The third party is very small And this project is a very large percentage of their existing business so delays are particularly painful. Lots Of negotiation for early payment. In addition there are delivery problems so the margin is getting lower. On top of that large Bom element £2m which keeps moving and causing fluctuations. Cars all the time which are also low marginal require large governance , Plus frequent change of MPs and prog ms.
I think the most challenging project I worked on was the organization and execution of a charity event we did at the last restaurant I worked at. The idea was born when a friend of mine, who worked for a beer distributor, and I got to talking and decided we wanted to raise money for Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital. We decided to create a Casino Night shortly before Christmas. Once ownership approved of the use of the restaurant facilities we had our work cut out for us. We had to get as much stuff donated to the event as possible. But some things we had to pay for such as labor and the gaming operations. We had to rent the gaming tables and hire the dealers too. Getting businesses and people to donate wasn't a problem at all. We had so many door prizes, raffle prizes and other wild stuff people could purchase with their winnings. We even gave away an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, which was donated. The tricky part of the event was recovering the labor costs for the staff that worked the event as well as the intangibles like utility costs. I calculated those costs by using an average based on the utility bill. The most challenging part was the coordination of all the moving parts. We had a DJ, we had Erika Viking MC the event, we had the gaming people, the cooks the bartenders and so many other pieces that needed to be managed and monitored. We charged people $50 a head and packed the place. It was a very rewarding project.We had such a good response to the event and raised about $10,000 for the Children's Hospital. I actually considered going into event planning after we nailed that function.
Project with EU and USAID
Setting revenue recognition.
Most challenging are the outsourced projects.
To work with untrust and unprofessional persons.
I have worked in producer choice, base budgeting when finance function at the BBC was decentralise. It was a radical change.
Clear the balance sheet from a mess.
I worked on a project called the idea project and it was an EU project and followed a different format and regulations that we had not dealt with before. Once we had a meeting with management I was tasked with finding the ins and outs of the project by reading in my own time the 150 page contract and liaising with the funder to overcome gaps in the committee minutes I was handed. It took a loot of extra research to ensure I was competent ion communicating information regarding the project to both my manager and the project manager and I spent a lot of time setting the project up and creating proforma's for the work in progress and timesheets for staff. I had to keep up to date on reporting standards to ensure we had all the required information for our auditors.
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