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How would you handle disputes with other employees in different departments about costs?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer

This answer provides information as to your conflict resolution skills. Answer this question by outlining how you would take your colleagues points of view into consideration while respectfully expressing your position.

It is important to always remain respectful notwithstanding the disputes and always keep the company's best interests in mind.

How would you handle disputes with other employees in different departments about costs?
Answer example

"I would listen to my colleagues to take their position into consideration, and would then politely explain my own position. The goal is for all team members to feel they are being heard, that they matter, and for the dispute to be resolved in a timely fashion."

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How would you handle disputes with other employees in different departments about costs?
Absolutely. I recall having disputes about labor costs with the chef because he wouldn't send highly paid cooks home during times of slow volume. The reasons often varied but typically were because either he promised the cooks that they would get their hours or he had to prepare for the anticipated busy evening shift. The chef was very protective of his staff and frequently argued with me about it. Having been a chef I understood his attitude but frequently had to explain what our goals in management were. I also offered my assistance in food prep if that was the reason he kept cooks on the clock. In response to his promises to his staff that he would guarantee their hours, I had to remind him that he didn't have the authority to do that since he wasn't the one paying their wages. I consequently offered to give his cooks who have been shorted hours the opportunity to work as door and bar security on the weekends to make up for it, which a few of them did and enjoyed it.
No sir there isnt any disputes.. You can say arguments with other staff but not even close to any dispute.
Internal disagreements are rare but have occurred between the other divisions. Margins can be difficult to assess from another division so it's hrs to see vfm. We had one case where 1/2 the cost was coming directly and 1/2 through another division and the discrepancy is prices is so huge that it always causes questions as we could be so much more profitable - However ultimately this doesn't affect hp's bottom line and de I have to ensure that this isn't the main focus on looking for cost savings.
Yes, but I have always found ways to resolve the issues.
Yes and I always try to resolve the issue and make things easy to understand for other employees.
I will rather prefer disagreement but in most instances they are harmless disagreement and this makes us understand one another better.
Yes, at certain time this arise by as usual they are always resolved within the day.
Not in my current organisation. However I emphasise the need to ensure that PO are matched with invoices. Any variances need to be flagged.
No I am very professional and I always prefer kindness with staff.
Have not worked on costs but have solved the situation with other department.
Fortunately I have worked in an environment where costing is done 2/3 years prior. This has enabled me to run costs against cost codes.
Sure, project manager and me.
I have had a few disputes over costs charged to projects but this was just a matter of forgetfulness by the project manager. Once I had provided the backing documentation with an explanation of why the costs were incurred the dispute was resolved.
Yes, but everytime a dispute rises I always find a way to met our minds towards better ends.
No, I havent but I have to admit that I dont have that much experience.
Yes, but an amicable solution always comes where I show them the need to conserve costs and how to monitor their own costs.
Yes but I always try to find the solution and make the employee to inderstand the situation.
Yes but I always try to find the solution and make the employee to inderstand the situation.

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