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How would you come to a resolution disputing material costs for a project that you shared materials with?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Project Accountant interview

How to Answer
Provide an answer outlining your team-playing and dispute resolution skills.

"I would suggest to my colleagues that we meet so as to present to each other evidence of the material costs for each of us. I would sit down with all parties involved and respectfully listen to what my other team members have to say in that regard. I would then provide my own evidence related to the material costs so that we can efficiently resolve this dispute while we are all face-to-face. It is better to discuss in person than via emails to minimize any miscommunication and quickly resolve all issues so as to move on to the next project."

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How would you come to a resolution disputing material costs for a project that you shared materials with?
Agree % used internally and find out what the other project though and negotiate - also not get too bogged down of all costs are incurred by company anyway.
I would take the total cost of the material and charge the percentage of the costs inline with the amount of materials each project used. This would be the fairest resolution as it would be unethical for a project to bear costs attributable top another project.
Share using number of output if it is quantifiable. If not base on percentage on turnover.
The numbers don't usually lie. If it could be determined who used what then I would itemize the material costs and do it that way. If that wasn't an option I would see if we could find a resolution by determining rough percentages of what each project used and allocate it that way.
I will check another supplier and remve this supplier if necessary.

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