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How will working for us help you reach your professional goals?
Answer this question by telling the interviewer what seems great about the company, e.g., their services, initiatives, growth opportunities, and so on. Make sure to answer by providing evidence that you did your due diligence before the interview (e.g., by mentioning something exciting you saw on the job posting, company website or social media pages), which demonstrates you are serious about working for this employer specifically and are not simply looking for any job. Link this evidence to your professional goals proving this position was made for you and it is one in which you will excel. For instance, you can point to their seemingly friendly company culture as per some specific programs or initiatives you came across on their website, and say how friendly and how much of a team-player you are - and that this is exactly the type of work environment you are looking for.
Answer examples
"I saw on your website that your company is participating in the Run for the Cure benefiting the Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a great initiative contributing to the company morale by strengthening relationships while giving back to the community. I always seek the opportunity to demonstrate my team playing skills and hope to work with colleagues I will consider part of my family."

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User-Submitted Answers

How will working for us help you reach your professional goals?
I love to work and workoholic. I can add value to your esteemed organization.
As per the company requirement I am fulfilling all criteria. I will put all my effort for the company sake. I believe in team work.
In near term, I would like to be part of team and understand the role and responsibilities. Perform best to meet the expectations of management.
Have the qualification you are looking for in project accountant eg maintaining project budget and producing progress claims. I am team player. I take directions and have the desire to be successful to produce excellent results.
I have what you required for this job education background, expereince in full cyle of accouting, skills necessary to perform the job.
I currently work as a project accountant and have the experience besides my qualifications. I understand the steps and concept of project accounting through my experience of which I feel may be of by advantage.
I have good experience in project management.
I think that I am great match for the position, I have an experience and skills that you are looking for and I am confident that I will do a good job on this position.
I am very keen on this role. I've been working on business finance for five years and relish the opportunity this offers to shape processes and procedure. Plus your projects sound fascinating so I'd like to know more about them. I've got big company experience and can bring multiple experiences to bear on these processes but I'm not institutionalised.
Because I have the Qualifications and the experience and I am a go getter.
I am the best candidate for this position because i've been doing project accounting tasks for the past year. I am able to bring my experiences and everything i've learned to this new position here. I'm eager to learn and take on new challenges to develop my skills and reach personal and company goals.
I have the relevant past working experience, skills and qualification.
I believe I am the best candidate because I bring 2 and a half years of experience in not only just billing, but also project reconciliation and cost analysis. I have done some of the responsibilities outlined in the job posting. I have not done some of the responsiblities outlined, it would not take me long to learn and comprehend the task.
I have previous experience of working at the University of Oxford and using Oracle financials. I have 6 months management accounts experience and have just over a years experience working in research projects. I have built strong working relationships with many other employees of the university and have many of the characteristics needed to fit into the role as well as the culture at IT services. As this role was more or less identical to my role held at Brookes I am confident I could hit the ground running and provide an excellent service from day one with very little training. I can communicate financial information to project managers with either a financial or non financial background and will provide all around exceptional service. I hold the University in high regards as it was my first employer and if successful will stay in this position long-term. I have obtained a degree in accounting and finance am level 4 AAT qualified and have had experience working as an auditor as well as providing auditors with the required information regarding auditing of projects. I used to carry out my job at Oxford Brookes with minimal supervision heading my own meetings, having the highest authorisation limit within my team and taking on more than my fair share of projects.
I am committed, flexible and would seek to align the organisation objectives with mine.
I believe that my competencies match the job.
I already apply my resume and you found my qualification as well as my practical experience qualify me to be a part from your organization.
Because I have the qualifications and experience and very skillfull and knowledgable for that job.
I am a fast learner and people person.
With more than 8 years experience in project accounting, I have confidence that I would be a great asset in your organisation.
I am hard working and have respect for diversity. I multi task and communicate effectively. I can add value to the organization. I have strong interpersonal and managerial skills.
Beause I have good knowledege of Project accounting and Accounting . Always ready to take new challanges.
I am a hard working career oriented individual. Looking to take new challenges and assume a role where I can grow and I believe I am a great fit for this position.
I come along with the skills in technical knowlegde acquired from post qualification exposure to accounting skills as well as accounting software proficiencies.
Highly innovative, able to think outside the box, techno savvy, lean processing.
Because I have experience in this field and related to my education study.
I believe I'm the best candidate for this job because I possess the multi-faceted tool set to be a project manager. I have multiple years experience in restaurant and bar management, I have excellent command of the English language both orally and written. I have a degree in creative writing and experience writing a variety of types of publications including company newsletters, blogs, articles and training manuals. That coupled with my Masters in Accounting and three years of government taxation experience demonstrates my diverse background.
I believe I'm the best candidate because I have the multi-faceted skill set necessary to be successful as a project manager. I have many years of management experience in the hotel/restaurant industry, I have a Bachelor's Degree in English - Creative Writing and have experience writing on wide range of platforms. My portfolio of writing includes everything from magazine and news articles to company newsletters and commercial radio scripts. I've also developed training and procedure manuals at some of my past jobs. I believe this wide range of skills makes me an ideal candidate for the project manager position.
I feel like I can bring a friendly and positive attitude towards the work place, for example... (enter story)
I believe I have the relevant experience to hold the position, I am also aggressive, keen to details, ready to learn and a team player.
Because I have the skills and abilities needed and match with my previpus experience and position.
Because I am hard worker and I will give you the required service from me with my self effort, education and past experience.