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Tell me about your past experiences tutoring individuals.

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Tell the interviewer where you have worked as a tutor, the age of your students, subjects taught, and how long you worked in each role. Be sure to mention something that you really liked about each tutoring role you have been involved with. It will help the interviewer see your passion for tutoring!

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Tell me about your past experiences tutoring individuals.
Currently I am looking after my Cousin, helping him with homework and bettering his understanding of GA and his english. He struggles with pronunciations hence why I chose to focus on that point.
I don't have any experience tutoring individuals yet but I am certain that I have teaching skills that allow me to teach the German Language on a high level.
As a junior and senior in high school I tutored freshman in their chemistry 1 and biology 1 cclasses.
It was always really different each time and after providing the guidance to the students the outcome of positive results in their academics gave me sense of achievement and happiness every time.
I completed a course in English home tutoring and continued tutoring for over a year, Am also a workplace trainer in my job as quality assurance associate, where I train staff of different backgrounds and age groups. Assessing understanding and competency is an important aspect of the job.
It was an experience of a life time. The students were easy to work with, their families were friendly and welcoming.
I have tutored maths and science in high school as part of a volunteering program.
As I stated before, I have experience tutoring an individual whose primary language is not English. Additionally, I am currently tutoring a student who has just completed middle school and who is needing help with his writing and grammar. We are currently going through a number of writing and grammar exercises to help him feel more comfortable with high school level English assignments.
I just have two months to teach the children but it was really great for experience me.
I tutored Physical Sciences to grade 11 students from a Saturday and holiday school program called The Tomorrow Trust. It was in a classroom full of 30 students and they adored me. It was only for two weeks, but I was honored with a certificate for Giving Back, since I did it for free and the learner wanted me back.
Experience teaching phonetics and reading to elementary-school children, and then editing and tutoring siblings and friends in various papers.
I have had experiences tutoring in both the private and public sector.
I think that generally I have good memories from my teaching career to remember.
I previously had to tutor a young student who did not concentrate and even though it was challenging at times, I did manage to be creative and through my own initiative, I was able to get the student to complete the require work by making the tasks age-appropriate and therefore fun for him. The student then enjoyed learning and his results improved impeccably.
My job as an academic Mentor ensured that I had the opportunity to tutor a few individuals and and few groups.
I have had both challenging and successful experiences in tutoring students. However I have worked to ensure that I develop a strong bond with my students and to make learning an enjoyable experience for them.
Let's talk science, tutoring students, teacher assistant.
Previously most of my tutoring has been tutoring my friends in year 11 maths or physics. I was tutoring my best friend in general maths for one or two months and I tutored another friend on and off when he needed help with extension 1 maths or physics.
I've only tutored friends and family for 2 years of high school and since I've been in college.
I used be a tutor of AP Chemistry in my high school, and the most valuable thing I learned is that the best/correct answer is not as important as the proper thinking method. Sometimes, some tutor just told the answers to the tutees; it sounds a efficient way to solve tutee problem, but actually neither tutor nor tutee learn anything from each other. However, in my AP Chemistry, when I started to learn how to lead my tutees into a proper thinking process for Chemistry problems, I found it is easier for tutee to solve the problems, not just the problems they asked me; also I can found the my tutee's real problems on the subject. Because the mistake is nothing except I can found what causes the mistake.
It is an amazing session. They learn and I also learn. It helps me not only to deliver tutoring to them, helps me to conduct more research so that I come prepared the following day. It is really a great impact on the individual, it covers everything they lack behind with.
I voluntarily tutor two kids weekly mostly in math. They bring in their homework and I help them work through difficult questions.
Pre-calc, mostly group work.
What is your knowledge of and experience with standards-based education?
I was working at the organisation AIMHIGHER with students of IB programme helping them decide their career as well as their academic path.
I was a mathematics tutor for a teenager girl when I was at university. She was very cute and nice girl. She listened to my instructions and said Yes when I asked if she understood them. But then, she could not do any exercises. After 4 sessions, I found that she had too many things in a teenager's mind, and maybe it was the reason for her failure. Then, I changed my strategy, I broke down each lesson into small part with on-spot exercises. That way slowed down our schedule, but it did help her to focus. I was very happy to see her progress after one month and she graduated with a distinction grade.
I do not have a special experience besides helping the girls from my church with their school work.
Very good sometime challenging with disruptive pupils but time teaches so well to overcome the difficulties.
Roshaad, Host sister, better hope, program at langston.
The most experience I have gained tutoring individuals was my time as a graduate teaching assistant. We were required to perform several hours of tutoring a week, to any person at Virginia Tech who was taking a first year physics course over the course of the year. I was able to hone my tutoring skills and find what was an effective strategy to help the student learn. Typically students would come in asking for help on specific questions, although some would come in asking about a concept.
Well my past experiences of tutoring individuals would be just after high school, where I tutored students in my grades below me. I did this for about 6 months or so, and the students I taught have experienced success with my tutoring methods.
It was a really nice experience.I get immense pleasure from working and I love teaching.
I have worked with a very diverse group of students, helping them in mathematics, statistics and several science subjects. I enjoyed working with them and helping them attain their goals and continue being helpful, even when they show no enthusiasm about the topic or subject matter I try to get their attention.
During my free time, I tutored my younger brother and his friends in english and commerce subjects such as business studies, economics and accounting for varying ages between 9-16 years. I taught them individually and in small groups of up to 4 students.
I have experience working in primary schools with children of all ages.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to help and support the students in what they found more difficult and challenging. Having a small group enable to address very specifically the difficulties of the students.
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