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What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
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I would say getting very ambitious and attempting to complete a bunch of tasks at once. I need to pace myself and complete one task at a time. I'll start several and then stress myself.
My greatest wekness is that im very hard on myself. I try to do the best and be the best and I sometimes upset myself or sress myself out if I feel im not bringing enough to the table. I am trying to stop thinking about it so much because with my eork experience if I was that bad or a horrible worker I would have been reprimanded by now.
Jump in and do it myself - learning to delegate and not micromanage.
My greatest weaknest is that I am high critical of my self. I strive for perfection. I dedicate time to my projects and sometimes I need to allocate to others.
Trying to multi-task. I just handle one thing at a time to produce best results.
My greatest weakness is not being able to accept defeat. I'Mm learning the art of acceptance and redirection.
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