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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about the last time you oversaw the work of someone else. How did you effectively motivate, develop, and direct the worker?
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The last time I oversaw the work of someone else was towards the end of my service working on budgets and motivated co-workers by saying great job and delegating parts of task only and working as a team.
I think the best policy is to lead by example keeping an open mind and being level headed.
I believe leading a team starts with motivation. I motivate my employees by noticing their efforts and recognizing improvements and achievements. This helps develop a trusting relationship that makes coaching and directing effective.
I observed a staff member run a circle time, and after she and I discussed how it went. I told her the good things I saw her doing and asked her what she thought went well fro her. I let her know that I liked that she had things prepared for the activity she was directing, she did it fine, but I saw that the kids were not very engaged. She had a lot of the children moving around and one got up walked over to a toy on a shelf. WE talked about ways she could help keep the kids engaged such as having more visuals and movement with the activity. I also talked to her about her own enthusiasm needing to have more would help them stahy engaged. She liked my suggestions and tried them.. She said it helped.
In september, I did my last supervision. I normally dont look out for the most qualified all the time but a kook out for people with passion to do the work. With such people I encourage them and even assist them with good methods of carring out with a task.
I encouraged the coworker and bragged on her bullentin board creativity and how it flowed with her room theme.
SS, VBS, preschool aid, confirmation guides, preconfirmation guides, nursery workers - acknowledge strengths, recognize them as a person, make them fell important, give clear expectations/directions.
It was a time when I noticed a worker was doing great and beyond her work during circle time with the kids. What I did first was I was enjoying and copying what she was doing, then I I told her how great she was directing the circle and making the kids enjoy the activity. The end result was, she and I became a stronger team that benefits the center.
Teaching grade 8 and 10. Classroom manager. Provided them with individual task to develop self confidence . Group work allowed interaction bringing active participation.
As a director, I was able to develop a weekly assessment of which allowed the staff and I to set realistic goals as a team and as individuals of which we were able to revisit the goals and determine our outcomes. Whenever the staff did not reach a particular milestone we providing suggested training or assistance.
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