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Share an example of when you accomplished a goal that was personally challenging.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Preschool Director interview

How to Answer

Interviewers want to hear that you are determined to overcome any challenge that comes your way! What was the last challenging goal you had to achieve at work? Explain the goal at a high level. Share who assigned you the goal, and explain your initial reaction saying, "This might be hard, and I can do this!" Tell the interviewer that you immediately got to work jotting down a plan for how to conquer the goal. Define why the goal was challenging for you, and explain the great plan you came up with to overcome the challenge. Finally, re-iterate that your desire is to conquer your challenges with a positive outlook.

Share an example of when you accomplished a goal that was personally challenging.

"This might be hard, and I can do this!"

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Share an example of when you accomplished a goal that was personally challenging.
If I have a plan I can accomplish anything.
When I realized I wanted to work with children as my career I worked at the preschool fulltime and also went to school fulltime. It took a lot of time managment and ambition to get me to finih.
Finishing my masters thesis.
I redisgned the SS program.
I hd to set a dance competition suddenly in a school.
Learning the dynamics of business as opposed to possessing a passion for education.
I felt very accomplished when I was able to multi task on a very short day. We were short staffed and I was the only manager in the building. I was also cooking meals for the children. Licensing showed up and our picture guy showed up. I was able to have all the classes covered, in ratio, and make everything work smoothly.
Establishing consistency while working with four different co-teachers in less than a year was personally challenging, to say the least, but I did it. I am proud of the classroom I have been shaping this past year, and I think I can do the same thing for the center as a whole.
I had some co-teacher challenges that I had to overcome personally. I was able to keep open communication going and set goals with this teacher. We were able to move towards success.
I accomplished my certificate 3 in early childhood and my diploma in early childhood while working full time. It was challenging in the sense that I had a huge responsibility in the centre and also alot of work to do outside of the centre.

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