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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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Share an example of when you accomplished a goal that was personally challenging.
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I accomplished my certificate 3 in early childhood and my diploma in early childhood while working full time. It was challenging in the sense that I had a huge responsibility in the centre and also alot of work to do outside of the centre.
Establishing consistency while working with four different co-teachers in less than a year was personally challenging, to say the least, but I did it. I am proud of the classroom I have been shaping this past year, and I think I can do the same thing for the center as a whole.
If I have a plan I can accomplish anything.
I hd to set a dance competition suddenly in a school.
I had some co-teacher challenges that I had to overcome personally. I was able to keep open communication going and set goals with this teacher. We were able to move towards success.
I redisgned the SS program.
I felt very accomplished when I was able to multi task on a very short day. We were short staffed and I was the only manager in the building. I was also cooking meals for the children. Licensing showed up and our picture guy showed up. I was able to have all the classes covered, in ratio, and make everything work smoothly.
When I realized I wanted to work with children as my career I worked at the preschool fulltime and also went to school fulltime. It took a lot of time managment and ambition to get me to finih.
Learning the dynamics of business as opposed to possessing a passion for education.
Finishing my masters thesis.
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