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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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Provide an experience that demonstrates your ability to manage time effectively.
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I have worked many jobs where time management was a crucial and constant factor. I used to deliver newspapers on a deadline. I had to create and execute the most time-efficient routes possible. Managing evening operations at a childcare center while preparing and serving meals took tremendous time management, but the experiences that fostered within me the most effective time management skills came with working on an assembly line in a manufacturing factory. The units came down the line one after another, and you had to have your task mastered in order to keep up. And the people that truly excelled at the job were those who not only mastered their personal job, but the jobs of those around them as well. If the person in front of you falls behind, it is best to know how to get him or her back on track as quickly as possible.
As a preschool director, I direct the activities in my center, I also draw budget and organize in-service training for the teacher,
I manage my time effectively in the use of strategic planning for large scale projects. For daily and weekly time management I preview my calendar and allot specific amounts of time for each activity, for example, observations, planning time, and meetings. Before or upon arrival to work everyday, I complete all communication emails, phone call ect, and schedule call back for a specific time., so that my day is free and clear for maximum productivity.
An example if my time management skills us when I was able to effectively lead as a director while attending college.
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