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How would others describe you?
We recommend always sticking with professional relationships when answering this question. If the interviewer has not already asked how your coworkers view you, immediately dive into their perceptions of you! The kudos you have received from your teammates and the handwritten thank you notes you have received following baby showers for co-workers all give you hints about how to answer this question. Think about all of the positive things your co-workers have mentioned to you along the way. Now is the time to share them! Pick 2-3 encouraging things these people have said about you, and share them openly. Maybe that baby shower thank you note mentions your caring attitude. Perhaps your teammate thanked you recently for always working so hard to achieve goals you are working on. Positivity is key! What if you have already talked about your coworkers perceptions? No problem! Talk about how your past managers have viewed you using the same technique!

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User-Submitted Answers

How would others describe you?
Hard working, dependable, flexible, organized, loyal.
Trusting, fair and does the job correctly.
A realist. I see things as they are without a lot of fluff but am able to see the good things and blessings.
Happy, encouraging, goofy, understanding, big heart, "warm"
Calm, friendly, efficient, creative, happy.
Friendly, calm, eager to take on challenges.
Organized, easy going, flexible, content.
Others would describe me as a dedicated team player who is knowledgeable and always willing to learn.
Optimistic, passionate about children, compassionate, friendly, bubbly, and organized.
A hard worker, passionate, fun to work with, a problem solver.
Passionate, and knows what she wants.
Good teacher ,Passionate about kids positive attitude. Hard worker.
People describe me as a positive, outgoing team player, who makes sure no one is left behind. I believe in helping others grow to reach their potential.
I would say others would describe me as dedicated, friendly, caring, and having a passion to teach. Most that know me in the ECE field have mentioned my love to teach is evident on a daily basis. I've been told I have a natural ability to be in the classroom and around children as well.
Friendly, Calm, Organised, Hardworking, Passionate, Sensitive, Kind, Caring.
Others describe me a helpful and reliable person.