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How do you stay current on new children's activities, and teaching techniques?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Preschool Director interview

How to Answer

It is always a good idea to talk positively about change. Be sure to only talk about new teaching trends or techniques that you really enjoy or are supportive of to remain positive and show the interviewer that you are completely open to trying new techniques or teaching trends. Describe to the interviewer where you saw, heard, or read about the trend or technique, and give them a little insight about why you like it. Be sure to tell the interviewer about any conferences or workshops you attended where you learned about new trends too! Speak about the educational emails you receive from professional associations, and highlight the fun things you are learning from your teaching friends!

How do you stay current on new children's activities, and teaching techniques?

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How do you stay current on new children's activities, and teaching techniques?
I proactively attend training seminars and research new ideas on a frequent basis.
I like constantly read up on new things and ideas.
Doing DRDP for every individual and by doing assessment.
I subscribe to childcare books, stay in childhood education clubs, reading up todate news articles.
I believe in research and building a connection with the community and other programs. I do get ideas off of Pinterest and educational sites for children or parents. I think lots of activities can be built off of children's interests and being in the moment with them. Also, you learn so much from the environment around you. You need to keep up with professional development sessions and webinars as well for gathering new ideas for teaching techniques.
By being attuned to children's needs and interest's. I also am aiming to finish my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood in 2017. Studying and researching also helps keep my teaching techniques new and fresh.
By reading current studies, newsletters, ace accepted practice and viewing other childcare centres.

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