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How do you evaluate the productivity of your staff?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Preschool Director interview

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You periodically check-in with how they are doing by asking them, and sometimes you receive the productivity results via test scores on your desk. Remember, open and honest communication with your staff is key. Because you have spent time getting to know your staff and building relationships with them, they honestly tell you when you ask them. Are they where they should be in the curriculum for the year? Do they have a defined standardized test scores that their students must achieve, and if so, are they achieving it? Be sure to mention that their productivity is based on the defined metric or curriculum timeline for the school year. This gives you something to evaluate their work against.

How do you evaluate the productivity of your staff?

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How do you evaluate the productivity of your staff?
Look at their strength and weaknesses. Sit down with your colleagues and have a meeting with them formally and informally .
I talk with them to see what their goals are and write a list of the steps they can take to get them done and watch to see how they are doing.
Observing them during classtime, asking their veiwpoint on how things are going as well as the assistant and the progress of the students.
Base on the outcomes of the projects.
Informally I evaluate productivity based on my frequent visits to the classroom. Any feedback I have for a teacher I like to deliver in a timely manner so it is most effective.
I evaluate them by the job performance, their passion. I would want them to give me feedback weekly or monthly on how they were doing in the classroom, if they were feeling stressed overwhelmed etc.
Measure whether or not team goals are being met, checking in with them frequently to see that we are all on track.
Results will be shown in happy learners who are producing good results.
Teachers - growth in student and support of other staff, volunteers - attitude, do they show up, how do the kids respond to them, does the project/activity get done.
Evaluation of productivity entails setting goals and evaluating progressed based on outcomes.
I make sure they are getting their curriculum assignments done, their children's parents are happy, tadpoles daily reports are complete, and they are getting everything completed on a usual basis.
I ask that my staff rise to the occasion to satisfy the needs of their classroom, the families they serve, and the company as a whole. I will evaluate negatively if any of these criteria suffer, or if a person's attitude is poor.
I look at the amount of things actually being completed.
I evaluate my staff by following center sop, and the satisfaction of the clients we serve.
I believe in staff evaluations but done in a respectful and positive manner yet encouraging goal points. I think verbal praise is important on a weekly basis. As a director you need to acknowledge the efforts your teaching staff is making and also lend a hand when challenges occur that need your support. I believe in documentation for all staff.
I evaluate the productivity of my staff by observing, listening, encouraging and communicating with them.
I provide daily oversight. This includes monitoring families views, staff view etc. Furthermore, I conduct proffesional development plans and interview staff.

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