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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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As the director of our facility, how important is a child's safety and what measures would you take to ensure parents that their children are being left and watched in great care?
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Child's safety is a number one priority. As an educator it is our duty of care to provide a safe environment for children.
The safety of every child in our care is paramount. The most important measure that can be taken is open and proper communication. Poor communication instills doubt, fear, and failure. I have many strong ideas on how to optimize our staff and center's communication skills as effectively and efficiently as possible, and even open more methods of communication throughout the day.
This the most important part of childcare. Parents entrust us to provide a safe and nurturing environment on a daily basis. In childcare we must make sure our staff is trained to meet all safety needs of the child and keep close supervision.
Always keeping an eye on the kids and provding the Child teacher Ratio according to the tittle 22 regulations.Paying attention to the kids is the main thing.
I would assure them of our PA Stars rating and accreditation. Our history could be focused upon. I would praise our teaching staff and their ongoing efforts. I would allow an open door policy. They can visit on a regular basis and we would hold family events. They can also call or email the classroom teachers as needed. I as a director would be readily available too. We would work as a center to provide daily documentation (via newsletter or a weekly recap). The document could be displayed as a hard copy and sent electronically.
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