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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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As a teacher, what activities did you create or implement that saw the most improvement out of your children?
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I created and implemented an entire class routine based on the company curriculum and the national excellerate program. My routine optimizes ratings and scores, minimizes behavioral issues, and engages the children's interests in constructive and inspirational ways.
The activities that they are involved in are the ones that I see the children get the most out of. Also if the activity is interesting to the child, if they are part of the activity they feel a sense of belonging.
Play based activities that included nature for example.
I observe each child for his or her interest. I develop and implement a plan that keeps the child interested and able to complete.
I believe some of my best activities were hands on and inspired by the interest of the child along with their needs. Most of my successful ones were done focusing on manners and teamwork. I received compliments from parents on how they saw an increase in politeness and manners at home after those activities were done. It's so crucial to make learning meet each child's ability. They all learn at different paces. A teacher must respect that need.
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