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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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Are you trustworthy?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Absolutely. I understand I may be exposed to sensitive information and you can be assured it will remain confidential.
Yes, I am trustworthy and it shows through my accomplishments.
Very. I am big on doing whats right.
Yes very much so. I believe in honesty 110%. This is a quality I believe many would mention about me. I've been taught to be trustworthy and abide by that value.
I equate my workplace as a type of home. When you spend the amount of time you do with your colleagues, they become family in a way. My actual family leans on one another. Occasionally we disagree and discuss tough subjects, but we work together to remain together. As a mother and wife, I lean on my husband. We also occasionally disagree and discuss tough subjects, but we have the ultimate desire to stay together and grow with one another. I trust that my family and husband will stick by me and they trust me. Trustworthiness stems from understanding and accepting that our humanness makes us imperfect. It also stems from understanding that teamwork leads to better work. I believe this quality makes me trustworthy.
Yes, I have not disappointed anybody to date.
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