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Are you a natural leader?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Preschool Director interview

How to Answer

Absolutely! This is essential for the Preschool Director role, so tell the interviewer, "Yes, I am! People seem to naturally follow me." This is a great chance to share your desire to be a leader. Take a moment to share that you strive to be a role model for students as well as your peers and colleagues. Explain that you jump at the opportunity to lead groups, encourage your counterparts, and be the face for the school because you understand that these are vital pieces of being a leader.

Are you a natural leader?

"Yes, I am! People seem to naturally follow me."

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Are you a natural leader?
I wouldnt say so. I am more of a person that exceeds at adapting. For example....
No. I have developed into my leadership role thanks to our former ed who was very instrumental in ensuring that her team was exposed to a multitude of leadership training events. She also instilled in us the value of collaborating and partnering with others.
Yes - I am very task oriented and people tend to follow my lead without me even trying to be a leader.
Yes, I believe so. I have had numerous leadership roles. I'm not one to follow I like to be unique along with abiding by the rules and remaining respectful. I believe we all can achieve the goals we set our mind to. I go after my goals and won't stop until I reach them.

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