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Top 25 Physician Assistant Interview Questions
1. What will you do if you have a client that refuses to take care of their health?
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List of Physician Assistant Interview Questions
  1. What will you do if you have a client that refuses to take care of their health?
  2. What would your last employer say about you?
  3. Tell me about the last Physician you worked for. Describe your relationship.
  4. Describe the people you work with best.
  5. How would you describe your overall academic performance?
  6. How did you manage your time between school, work, and other activities?
  7. You may be faced with situations involving blood and other bodily fluids. How will you respond?
  8. Describe the people you find most difficult to work with.
  9. Why do you prefer the clinical side over research?
  10. What are some of the challenges of working as a physician assistant?
  11. How does your family feel about your decision to enter the medical field?
  12. Describe your work ethic.
  13. What is a dependent practitioner, and how do you feel about practicing as one?
  14. What department of the healthcare field most interests you?
  15. Tell me about yourself.
  16. Describe to me your worst type of patient.
  17. What role does humor play in your life? Can you laugh at yourself?
  18. Tell me about yourself.
  19. How would coworkers describe you?
  20. How do you minimize potential spread of infectious diseases when working with patients?
  21. What are your weaknesses?
  22. Tell me about an important lesson you learned during your clinical rotations.
  23. What are the last two non-academic books you have read?
  24. Why should we hire you?
  25. What do you think are two major ethical issues facing the medical field today?
  26. What are some highlights from your clinical rotations?
  27. What do you feel are the most important qualities in being a good physician assistant?
  28. What do you think you will dislike the most about being a Physician Assistant?
  29. If you could do anything different in your education, what would you do?
  30. How will you manage your stress and while handling patients with care and integrity?
  31. Why do you want this job?
  32. Tell me about your leadership experience.
  33. What do you do in your spare time?
  34. What are your strengths?
  35. What is an issue in the current healthcare system that you would like to see change?
  36. When did you become interested in medicine?
  37. Describe your favorite type of patient.
  38. Why do you want to work for us?
  39. Do you have any experiences volunteering in such underserved medical practice areas?
  40. What do you think you will most like about being a physician assistant?
  41. What do you enjoy most about working with people?
  42. Do you feel that the government should be involved with mandating insurance? Subsidizing insurance?
  43. What type of learner are you? What type of setting do you think best supports your learning?
  44. Tell me about your experience working in the healthcare field.
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Physician Assistant Information
September 25th, 2017

Physician Assistants are healthcare professionals who are licensed to provide a broad range of healthcare services under the supervision of a licensed physician. Physician Assistants or PAs are licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses, conduct physical exams, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and write prescriptions. As a Physician Assistant, you may also assist in surgery, and advise patients on preventive health care measures.
To qualify as a Physician Assistant you must complete a 2-year full-time accredited physician assistant education program. This is after completing a 4-year bachelor's degree and having some work experience related to healthcare such as a registered nurse, paramedic or emergency medical technician. You are typically employed by hospitals, private clinics, outpatient care centers, educational institutions and the government. Depending on the healthcare organization you are employed by, you may also make house calls or treat elderly patients in nursing homes. You have excellent diagnostic, communication, and interpersonal skills. The ability to work as part of a team is a must.
Your interviews are generally conducted by a panel of interviewers. The Hospital Administrator and the Licensed Physician you will be working with will almost certainly be part of this panel. Be prepared for a rigorous interview that tests your knowledge and skills as well as your interest in caring for the sick and the injured. Make sure your answers reflect these qualities. If you are a new graduate, have a few situations from your internship in your back pocket to refer to during the interview.
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