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Physician Assistant

25 Interview Questions & Answers

What qualities does a great leader have? Which do you possess?

Example #1
"I believe that being a great leader requires a balance between working collaboratively with your team members while also being a consistent individual contributor. For example, we have a department project where everyone must work together to reorganize the supply closet, and each team member has an assigned task. I must strategically plan the work for the team but also communicate productively and professionally for everyone to understand the goal. I also took on a small part of the project myself, so they can see that I am committed to the outcome. I learned this from a mentor of mine when I was just starting out as a PA."
Example #2
"Here are some great leadership qualities you may possess:

- Clarity in delegation
- Ability to teach and mentor
- Willingness to accept feedback
- Being an inspiration to your team
- Understanding what motivates your team
- Takes ownership for mistakes
- Chooses to coach first, before discipline"
Example #3
"First and foremost, a leader should have the ability to get the team excited about the short and long-term goals of the facility. A great leader should also be empathetic, responsible, and reliable. Among these skills, I also bring the ability to maintain a harmonious relationship with other physician assistants, nursing staff, and patients."
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