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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions
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Give me an example of one of your past jobs that required great attention to detail.

How to Answer
You could expand upon this example, sharing the type of technology you used and articulating the details of this aspect of the job. Showing that you can follow through with tasks using accuracy and precision will give the interviewer confidence that you can handle the responsibility of interpreting doctor's orders. Can you pay close attention the names and quantities of medications? Prove you can be entrusted with handling the details of your future job.

Answer Example
"Because of so many look alike and sound alike medications, putting supplies away requires a great amount of attention to detail. If I place a bottle on the wrong shelf and it is used it could cause harm to the patient. Due to this, I have a system for double checking my work to ensure that items are in the right place."
Entry Level Example
"Filling prescriptions each day requires attention to detail. If I'm not giving each prescription my 100% attention, I could make an error and hurt someone severely. During my college years, I worked a"sa waitress where attention to detail was extremely important. I was able to multitask many tables at a time in a busy restaurant environment and I was required to pay attention to the needs of all of my customers. I believe these skills will transfer greatly to this position. "
Experienced Example
"In my current role in a large retail pharmacy, attention to detail is extremely important based on the large customer base that we support on a daily basis. During busy times, life behind the counter can get hectic. But with each new order, I have to be thorough and detailed in ensuring that each prescription is filled distinctly as written by the physician. Life is full of distractions and I ensure that I am well rested and in great shape at work to be at my mental peak each shift."
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