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Why should we hire you?
This is your big chance to shine! Share some of your most outstanding qualities followed by examples of each. Talk about your accomplishments that have set you apart from the rest. If the interviewer asks this question last, it's your final opportunity to convince them that you are the best candidate for the job. Draw on your strengths!
Answer examples
"You should hire me because of my passion for helping people. I've been a pharmacy technician for 5 years and love coming to work every day. Each day I learn something new as well as teach a colleague or patient something new."
"I have 10 years experience as a military trained pharmacy technician. I bring a new and experienced set of eyes to the team."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
Reliable, skill oriented, puntual.
Because im the best.
I have applied to be employed in this pharmacy because I identify with the mission and the goals of the organization which are excellent drug, staff and customer management. With my years of experience working in various pharmacy with excellent recommendations, I hope to bring this experience and expertise to this pharmacy towards the achievement of its objectives and goals as earlier mentioned.
Why should we hire you with no experience?
I am a detail oriented individual.
Because I will be an assest to your company.
If your facility needs an employee who is not just have the qualifications but also have the passion and love to her work then you should hire me as I possess those qualities. I am reliable and I can be an asset to your company.
I believe there is no one who will work harder for this company than myself.
You should hire me because I am very motivated to learn all there is about this industry. I want to work, have all the qualifications needed for this job and will be a positive asset for your pharmacy.
I am hard working willing to learn good communicator and team member.
I am a hard worker, fast learner, and I genuinely enjoy helping people.
I love new challenges, and I have the passion of caring about my job.
Because I am very dedicated employee with the passion and knowledge that you are looking for.
I am heardworking and am done my work carefuffy . I know I am not quilfied but if you gave me this chance I prove how mach I dadicate my self about my work.
You should hire me because I am reliable and I can be an asset your company.
I want to be challenged to give my best everyday and feel like I am a valued team asset.
I am a dedicated and hardworking individual with a passion for learning. I feel like with a job in your company and within pharmaceuticals I will be able to keep learning in a subject I am so passionate about.
Because it is my belief that if you have a job you enjoy, then you will be able to be seen as dependable.
I am dependable, reliable, trustworthy and a fast learner.
The experience I have in the pharmacy tech is more than 10-years. During these years I worked in every position. Iv, oral, topical, and customer service.
I will bring positive energy to your team, I have learned a lot already from being at a retail pharmacy and eager to learn hospital pharmacy and will be a great asset to you.
Because I am experienced in all pharmacy operations and get along well with others and teach by example.
I believe I would be a good asset to your pharmacy team. I am eager and motivated to learn, and believe I have what it takes to be a successful pharmacy technician.
I posses the passion and love for this field, I am hard working, and depenable.
I would be an asset to making this company go forward in helping patients become more compliant and helping the community on the whole.
I believe that my recent studies and experiences makes me a suitable person for the position.
Because I have energy and passion.
I am a hard working technician who will go out of her way to become a part of the team.
I personify customer service and am an extremely hard worker.
Because I believe that I meet the qualifications for the pharmacy technician position.
I have the experience when I comes to handling of drugs and attending to clients.
I am a very easy outgoing and fun person to work with. Also my experiences made me a valuable person within CVS organization.
I can give your company a reliable, hardworking commitment.
My skills and experience would make me a suitable candidate for this role. I love taking challenging, it motivates me. I have a tendency of finishing off a given task within a certain time. As well as I love helping out other individuals. This will give me a great privilege to satisfy and provide the customers with their needs and wants.
Because of my experience, dedicated person and willing to work with polite manner.
Because you like my credentials and what I have to offer.
What you get is what you see. I have a great work ethic and in all my previous employments have given 110% in everything I do.
I think I have good customer service skills, work well with others, experience in stock control and feel I can be an asset to the company.
I can contribye with my experience and skill.
As I have good communications skills I will be able to perform my task and I meet the desirable crieteria also lam a great team player.
Because I'm a certified pharmacy technician with two years of experience. I have shaped important skills that will pave my way into this company such as organization, customer service, patience. Plus I'm a quick learner whose challenge is to settle as soon as possible in this company. I'm passionate about my job and motivated to always get the best out of me.
I think I would be a great asset to the pharmacy with my knowledge.