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Why should I hire you?
Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from school or work. Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you.
Answer examples
"I have a way of bringing people together and motivating people to give 100%."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should I hire you?
Why mba after engineering??
Iam very attentive to detail and special skills.
What makes you stand out among other applicants.
What are the most important attributes of a pharmacist.
What makes you stand out among other applicants.
Customer service skills.
Being there early staying longer.
I stand out with other applicants because I have this quality of being calm in handling irate clients or patients, I have the passion dedication love on my work and if I work I consider the company as my own.
Eagerness to learn and improve along with trying to make the workplace environment as pleasant as possible. I like to make people laugh or at least smile. Ma good attitude goes a long way.
My long term experience in customers service and my qualification and capabilities of multitAsking.
I have a passion dedication love on my work and if I work I cinsider the pharmacy as my own.
I have the ability to play a very good team member and listen to my other work colleagues.
I stand out among other applicants because I have this quality of being calm in handling irate clients or patients. I have passion, dedication and love of my work.
I have several years of experience working in a pharmacy, over 5 years of customer service, I am patient under stressful events.
I am very dependable, trustworthy, hard working, and I feel that I am at my best when I am given the opportunity to assist others.
My over a decade of experience in customer service.
Well I believe I have immense energy and passion for what I do. I love actively making a difference in patients lives. I am an attentive, motivated and hard working individual who is empathic to patient needs. I am a good team player. I love motivating others, but also am able to work alone independently. I thrive in well organised/structured environments.
Because of my experience I can stand out among other applicant.
I AM a very hard working person.
Am a fast learner, have patience with people and very efficient in all that I do.
My communication skills . Team working and being well prepared for this job.
The amount of money I make is not as important as helping people.
Very passionate about the pharmacy field, strong work ethic, caring and compassionate personality.
I have a great sense to detail and find joy in understanding the ins and outs of my daily tasks. I am able to communicate and make on the point decisions. Overall I bring everything I have to everything I do no matter how big or small the task.
I have almost ten years of experience as a pharmacy assistant in both retail and warehouse setting pharmacy. I am a fast learner and I work better even under pressure. I am very good in prioritizing, organizing and collaborating with others at work.
I am a very easy going person and willing to learn all there is know about Pharmacy technician.
I am motivated, confident and can work in a high manner.,
My ability to sell myself and my confidence about the profession.
I have the most experience of being a pharmacy tech for more than ten years in a long term pharmacy.
I have high sense of discipline and this is a good motive when it comes to handling of chemicals and dispensing of raw materials to the factory.
My positive energy, flexibility, and easy going attitude.
I have the ability to remain calm under stress and stay organized and focused.
A combination of real-life and work experience in customer service; a passion for helping others.
I am hard working and detail oriented and I take pride in my work.
My eye for details and good customer service skills.
I am honest and dependable and will give 110% everyday.
I am a certified and licensed technician. I am hardworker. I get along well with my co-workers. I always excel in any given task to me.
My education in combination with my personality.
My unique resume. Having a college degree from another country and my well diverse experience.
On my personal base I want to see lot more of success in my life by working very hard in my life and that eventually my hard working ability is going to benefit your company.
Well I am a hard worker, I catch onto new things really quickly, I am on time and organized, as well as a great co-worker and I am hard working.
I am a license and a certified pharmacy technician and dedicated.
Aside from being a certified pharmacy tech. I also have the ability to calm down an irate clients or patients. Because I myself is a very calm person and can solve problem.
I am a people person, enjoying working with customers and helping deal with queries. I hope to help customers with their existing problems.
I believe that my experiences, skills and recent studies makes me a suitable applicant for the position.
My energy and passion for the job.
I am hard working reliable and punctual. Id go an extra mile if needed to help out people. I am willing to take any training to better myself if needed.
I'm sure everyone has good qualities, I think I have a attitude of being successful, this is a career I want to have to I will be successful at it.. Not just a regular job and a pay check.
I may seem like a very quiet person, but when there are things that ned to be done, I will do it. I know when to be loud, and when to be professional.
I'm younger than most but I'm also very driven and persistent.
I'm hardworking, willing to go extra miles to get the job done and I have never had any conflicts with any co-worker.
I dont know how other job applicants are but according to your job advertisement, I believe I tick most of the requirements needed for this position, I have pharmacy experience and im bilingual.
I believe I go above and beyond when assisting my customers and to make sure my service leaves a great impression on everyone.
I have a background of customer service and working with people. I am polite and friendly and always put the customers needs first.
I am a very hard worker, very dependable, and I have great customer service skills.
Because I am confident I have the skills you need, in contributing to the company's success.
I have had numerous years of experience and with that I can help take this hospital to new hieghts.
I have the experience and I have always handled medications.
I have worked at pharmacies for more than 10 years. I feel that I hold the qualities needed to work with patients and coworkers effectively. I am a hard worker and realize that this work is time sensitive and at the same time needs to be accurate. I am also very excited to gain new knowledge and love new challenges.
I have been a Tech for approximately 11years now. I am a highly dependable, great customer service skills and My knowledge in this field will definitely make me a strong candidate.
Apart from meeting the requirements for this position, I have a passion for the health-care field, especially to make a difference and to grow.
My dedication I dont like being late or to even call in. When I work.
I think I stand out amount other applicants because I have more than 12 years of pharmacy experience.
I am a hardworking person, who trys to accomplish and follow rules as directed.
We all have different abilities, im a hardworking open minded person and willing to learn new things.
Extremely reliable, honest and happy to help customers and work colleagues.
The experience and skills I've gathered from my past jobs. The knowledge about the products which gathered.
The experience and skills I've gained from my previous jobs. Which makes me a suitable candidate for this role.
My experience working with diifrent national background, energetic honest and polite.
Because I am experience, motivated and dedicated for my profesion.
I am very enthusiastic and can learn new challenges very quickly, I enjoy to learn and complete my day effectively.
Becoming a pharmacy technician is something that I always wanted to become.
I personally dont think that I would compare myself to the other applicants because its not that I'm not confident in my own skills, because I truly am but I also like to stay humble, and the other applicants might be more qualified than me but I can assure you that you will not regret hiring my, and my customer service, and problem solving skills will most definitely stand out.
Dedication, willing to get involved and be a team player, adjust well to new settings environments.
I am hard working, willing to go the extra mile Willing to learn new tasks and ideas, I would like to give ideas if it makes working a lot easier.
I have high attention to details, I'm hard working, show initative, have a passion for Health.
I am a hard worker and strive for excellence in everything I do.
Hardworking, I always come to work, good with people, dedicated.
I have experienced 9 to 10 months in a level biology and psychology and IT Btec.
I deal with everything that comes my way and am always ready and eager to learn.
My experience and willing to learn.
I am committed passionare, got drive.
Variety of life experinces.
I take my time and I am really passionate on the things I wanna do in my life. And wont stop at anything to achive them.
My energy, desire and passion for this job.
There is only one Heather Edwards.
What makes me stand out among other applicants is that I am not only company oriented, but also customer oriented. I work through difficult situations with a positive outlook, being a positive, friendly person who accepts challenges.
Responsible person. Learn things quickly. Easy going person which makes me approachable if help is required.
I believe I have skills that I cam bring to the pharmacy, stock control, accounts, customer service and the ability to be flexible with working hours.
My skills and experiences.
Experienced, organized, patience, customer service.
Because I have confidence and I know my job.
I just finished school as a pharmacy tech and I have a lot of memorized knowledge like calculations and billing and remembursment.
My experience, my commitment and my drive to succeed.
I am dependable and work well with others.
I've worked in the department for 4 years and feel I know how we work. I have a good understanding of the wards we work with and have a good rap our with current staff in the department.
I am willing to commit 100% of my time and effort to completing the necessary qualifications in order to be as knowledgeable as possible. I'm willing to go the extra mile for my customers so if there is anything I am not able to confidently explain to them I will always look into whatever it is to ensure the information I pass on is correct and the most appropriate advice to offer.
My experience in all areas of hospital pharmacy, very fast learner, great take charge attitude or I can sit back and follow the lead if necessary.