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What was your most difficult aspect of your training?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

How to Answer

Talk about what you found difficult during your training. It may have been memorizing medical terminology or studying for long hours at a time. Share with the interviewer why it was difficult. Remember, you're role in this interview is to talk about your strengths and use weaknesses to show your adaptability.

What was your most difficult aspect of your training?
Answer example

"I struggled with biology courses in high school. When I started my online training be a pharmacy tech I knew I would need extra help in my pharmacology course, so I went to tutoring and studied hard. I passed the PTCB exam with flying colors and was able to get a job soon afterwards."

Answer example

"Calculating drip rates were challenging for me. I worked with a mentor during my training that helped me learn it a different way that was easier for me to understand. I can calculate drip rates with my eyes closed now."

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What was your most difficult aspect of your training?
Learning instrumentation at college was difficult because I was not ready to learn due to my perception towards the subject but I always try to be the C plus to avoid any embarrassments in my results.
International business--it was difficult learning the different laws.
Nothing was difficult, as long as I put in the time and effort, there will be no trouble. I will provide this trait to my workplace as well.
I would say that my courses in college were difficult, but what I did find hard was setting up a nee business with no experience.
I think the most difficult course was the Health and social care course I still tried my utmost best to succeed in the course.
I would say Pharmacology.
Statistic, that was my most difficult class.
Mathmatics involving liquid suspensions.
I was not much in to history and geography.
My most difficult course would be College algebra because I took it online.
Learning name of medication.
My most difficult course in college was Algebra.
Speech class was difficult, but mannaged.
Definitely my Masters, for obvious reasons, I guess. In particular, I had a module called Advances in Parasitology - I had never really studied parasitic infections before, I still managed to get a distinction, though.
I didn't go to college however after completing my new level 3 in pharmacy I found the pharmaceutical science the most difficult.
It would have had to been.
Memorizing all the different laws and regulations.

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