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What was your favorite part of your training?
What aspects do you enjoy most about your job? What courses did you enjoy the most? Show off your knowledge when you talk about the aspects you enjoy most.
Answer examples
"I enjoyed learning about prescriptions and compounding. I never realized the science behind how different ingredients are mixed together could alter the affects of a medication on a patient."
"My favorite part of training was learning to make IV's in the inpatient training block."

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User-Submitted Answers

What was your favorite part of your training?
Unfortunately I have not been to college. I am a proud graduate of Harpers Ferry Job Corps in Harpers Ferry, WV. My favorite course there was my high school diploma course. Which is the #1 reason why I attended.
I actually liked the math part. It just came to me really easy with some trouble but not a lot.
I would have to say Pharmacology, because I enjoyed learning the history of pharmaceuticals and they came to be.
My favorite course was math because it was kind of hard to get in my mind at first but later it was fun to do for the rest of my day.
I have always had an interest in science and I obtained a degree in chemistry in 2007. I worked as a site chemist for just over a year and then decided to start a family. I am now looking to return to work and would still like to persue a career still within the science remit but down the pharmacy route now rather than in industry.
My favorite course in college was the applied science course I love learning about the way in which our bodies work.
I love math and Biology equally. I like to solve problems and to figure out how the different body systems work.
Learning how medications work in the body.
English because I love to write.
Mathematics was my favorite course.
My favorite course in college was Nutrition.
The history of pharmacology.
Ive always enjoyed studying and do like to learn more in medical side.
Pharmacy law. I find it most challenging and interesting out of all classes.
Functional proteins and genes.
Didn't go to college but enjoyed languages.
I suppose working on computers and typing.